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Professor Julia Davidson

Professor of Criminology

International Cyber Research Centre 

Career Summary

    Julia Davidson, PhD is Professor (Full) of Criminology in the Department of Business and Law at the University of East London. She is one of the UK's foremost experts on policy, practice and offending in the area of cyber victimisation and cybercrime. 

    She plays an active role in key national committees such as the UK Council for Internet Safety (Chairs the Evidence Group) and provides expert advice to national and international organisations such as NICE, the Home Office, the National Crime Agency , UNICEF , Europol, the US Sentencing Commission, the US Department of Justice and the UN ITU. She is a member of the Europol EC3 Expert Academic Advisory Group, has been a member of the UK  Inquiry into institutional child abuse  Academic Advisory Board and is now Chair of the Ethics Committee . 

    Julia has recently joined the Board of the International Criminal Court Justice Portal in the Hague.  She has directed a vast amount of research spanning 30 years, recent examples include European Commission funded studies in 5 EU countries exploring offender online grooming and exploring industry and policing practice in the prevention of cybercrime. 

    She has also recently co-directed a study exploring young peoples pathways into cybercrime undertaken in collaboration with the Europol Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and University College Dublin and is currently directing research exploring the motivations of ethical hackers.

    Julia has a PhD in Criminal Justice Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science and was made Honorary Research Fellow at Royal Holloway University of London in May 2010 and has been Adjunct Professor in the School of Law at QUT, Australia. She is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. 

    She has also acted as an advisor on child online protection to governments and practitioners in South America, Africa and the MENA region, recently helping the Kingdom of Bahrain (2016) and the Rwandan Government (2019) to develop a national child Internet Safety policy Framework.

    Julia has worked with the media since 2003 working on live and recorded interviews for the BBC News, BBC World News, ITV, C4, BBC R4 News, BBC R4 Woman’s Hour. 

    She has also worked on documentaries and has published widely in the cybercrime and child Internet safety area, she has written 5 books and many academic articles, her latest book: Child Abuse and Protection: Contemporary issues in research, policy and practice (Davidson J & Bifulco, A) was published by Routledge in 2018. oway, University of London in May 2010. She is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. 



    Prof Davidson is currently directing projects focusing on child online protection in Rwanda (funded by End Violence Against Children with 5Rights), online adult harms (funded by the DCMS) and child sexual abuse and exploitation offending contexts (funded by the Centre of Expertise in CSA/Home Office) 

    Previous Research

    An EU funded study exploring policing and industry practice in responding to online child abuse in 4 EU countries E670 (2014-16)

    A study conducted in collaboration with the Europol Cybercrime Centre exploring youth pathways into cybercrime (2017) 



    Davidson, Livingstone, Gekoski, Jenkins, Choak , Ike & Phillips ( 2019) 'Adult online hate harassment and abuse: A rapid evidence assessment' 

    Davidson, j and Bifulco, A (2018) Child abuse & child protection: Research, policy and practice'  Routledge 

    Aiken Mary, Davidson Julia & Amann Philippe( 2017) ' Youth pathways into cybercrime' Industry White Paper 

    Jeffrey DeMarco, Julia Davidson, Stefan Bogaerts, Ugo Pace, Mary Aiken, Vincenzo
    Caretti, Adriano Schimmenti, and Antonia Bifulco (2017)  Digital dangers and cyber victimisation : A study of European adolescent online risky behaviour for sexual exploitation.  Clinical Neuropsychiatry (2017) 14, 1, 104-112 


    2018-19  WeProtect ? development of a child online protection policy in Rwanda $140,000 2018-19 Centre of Expertise in Child Abuse/Home Office  Developing a  typology of sex offender behaviour £340,000  2018-19 DCMS  Rapid Evidence Assessment of Adult Online Harms  £60,000 2017- Europol EC3 & Private investor (VC ) Pathways into financial cybercrime amongst young people $100,000



    My research focuses upon cybercrime and cybervictimisation exploring the perspectives of victims and perpetrators. 

    Online harms and victimisation, child abuse and exploitation 

    Research has informed practice and policy in the cyber online harms and cyber victimisation areas.