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Dr Richard A Courtney

Head of Department

I am the Head of Department for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Finance

    Richard previously worked as a Principal Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Coventry University London Campus and before that as Director of Student Experience, University of Leicester School of Business.
    He has researched issues around the future of Higher Education, and the management of heritage and identity in the UK and continues to be interested in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Organisational Leadership. He has worked with a number of organisations on heritage management, including the London Science Museum and the Heritage Lottery Fund


    Most Recent Research
    - Co-Investigator on an AHRC Development Grant, entitled: ‘How should decisions about heritage be made?’: Co-designing a research project – value £124130.00 (AH/K006754/1)

    Previous Research
    - Co-Investigator on an AHRC Community Heritage Follow-up Grant, entitled: ‘Building and Enriching Shared Heritages: A Toolkit for Community Organizations’ – value £52,143.83 (AH/K007661/1)
    - Co-investigator on an ESRC seminar series entitled: ‘New Institutional Imperatives: The Third Mission & the Contemporary University’ – value £13,880 (ES/I002774/1)


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    Most Recent Publication
    - Courtney, R. A., (2017), Network Governance in the Heritage Ecology, Journal of Management & Governance, pp1-17,

    Previous Publications
    - Bashforth, M. M. Benson., T. Boon., L. Brigham., R. Brigham., K. Brookfield., P. Brown., D. Callaghan., J.P. Calvin., R. Courtney., K. Cremin., P. Furness., H. Graham., A. Hale., P. Hodgkiss., J. Lawson, R. Madgin., P. Manners., D. Robinson., J. Stanley., M. Swan., J. Timothy and R. Turner. (2016) ‘Socialising Heritage / Socialising Legacy’, in Facer, K and K. Pahl (eds) Connected Communities Legacies. Bristol: Policy Press.

    - Quinn, M., and Courtney, R. A., (2016), The Public Sector as an Entrepreneur? In Liddle, J., (ed) (2016), Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research Volume 6.

    - Vorley, T., Mould, O., and Courtney, R. A., (2012) ‘My Network is Not Working: Conceptualising the latent and dysfunctional dimensions of the network paradigm’. In: Economic Geography, Vol 88, No 1. Pp 77-96.