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Dr David Chapman

Senior Lecturer in Media Production 

Moving Image Research Centre, Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)

David Chapman is a senior lecturer in media production. He has background as a freelance producer and director. This includes work in television documentary and community and educational video and multimedia. He also is involved in the development of various arts projects, working with a number of artists in the area of video, new media and performance. David is also a practicing musician with a long history of recording and performance and an exhibiting sound artist. His current practice investigates the sonic mediation of the natural world and the durational exploration of place and environment through audio-visual installation.    

  • EB 2.63, Docklands Campus
    School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)
    University of East London
    Docklands Campus
    E16 2RD
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    2012 ‘I Hear Too-2’ (Group Show) Guildhall, York, curated by Damian Murphy & Jude Bereton
    2011  Phono:Graphic (Group Show), curated by Helen Frosi, Galerie8, London.
    2011 ‘To the Field and Yonder!’ (Group Show), curated by Helen Frosi. Gorey Art and Film Festival Gorey,Ireland     
    2011 ‘Touch Too’, (Group Show), curated by Anne Cranny- Francis, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia.
    2010 Re-sounding Falkland, series of multi-channel sound and video installations, Falkland Centre for Stewardship, Falkland Scotland (collaboration with Louise K. Wilson)
    2009  ‘I hear Too’ (Group Show), York Minster, curated by Damian Murphy and Jude Bereton
    2009 Falkland Audiowalk, headphone based audiowork, Falkland Centre for Stewardship, Falkland Scotland (collaboration with Louise K. Wilson)
    2008 Arcadia, 8-channel sound installation Palace of Falkland, Fife Scotland (collaboration with Louise K. Wilson)
    2007 Hark 2 (with David Cottridge) (Group Show) Matrix East Research Lab, University Of East London
    2005 Hark, (with David Cottridge) Gunpowder Park. Waltham Abbey. Funded by Gunpowder Park and Arts Council England
    2005 Reap, (Group Show) Curated by Anne Bean, Café Gallery Projects, London


    2004 Steel Cello / Bow Chime Director, Editor, DVD Author
    DVD documentary of the performance work of Bob Rutman, Adrian Palka and Wolfram DER Spyra. Collaborative research project with Adrian Palka [Coventry University] Funded By AHRB

    2004 Art Trail, Soundworks’, Cork, Ireland.

    2004 Revelation Online Art project. With Paul St. George & Maureen Kendall [London Metropolitan University] Funded by Lea Valley Park

    2002 Wigs of Wonderment - Producer / Video editor
    Interactive CD-Rom based on performance work by Keith Khan and Moti Roti. For African and Asian Visual Artists Archive / Live Arts Develeopment. Funded by London Arts Board.

    2002 Finding the Way Home - Producer / Director
    Documentation of ERSC funded study of youth issues and cultures in East London and Hamburg. 30min. for the Centre for New Ethnicity Research - UEL. Funded ERSC

    2002 Artists and Cosmonauts - Co-director/ editor
    Video documenting artists working in zero-gravity conditions. Screened at Artists and Cosmonauts [Lilian Bayliss Theatre, London; Strange and Charming Sci-art seminar series Royal College of Art , London and various symposia in Britain, USA and France. For The Arts Catalyst

    2001 Chanting Heads - Producer / Video Editor, CD-Rom documenting recent work by 12 British artists for African and Asian Visual Artists Archive, Funded by the Athene Trust

    1997 The Hum, Broadcast documentary, Splash/Faction Films for HTV / Westcountry TV (Producer).