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Ms Caryl Ann Court

Senior Lecturer

Graduated from Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic (now Northumbria University) with a BA Hons in Fashion Design and worked in the Fashion industry from 1980 as a Designer Pattern Cutter with experience from Ready to Wear to mid range High street. Senior Lecturer and Admissions Tutor for  Fashion Design. Teaches design and creative pattern cutting across all levels.

  • AVA 1.35, Docklands Campus
    School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI)
    University of East London
    Docklands Campus
    E16 2RD
  • +442082237527

    Caryl is a senior lecturer on the Fashion Design programme; she has taught design and pattern cutting at UEL in some capacity since 1985. With particular interest in designing through creative cutting and especially draping on the stand she has had a variety of freelance work which include pattern cutting via Island Shirts for Joe Casley Hayford and Dope labels along side draping master classes for the Fashion in Motion exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She was recently approached by the costume designer for Abfab The Movie with a request to facilitate the production of costumes for the film by UEL Fashion Design students. The commissioning of the costumes was carried out by level 5 students on the External Client module for which Caryl is module leader.


    Current interests and research focuses on researching approaches to cut and construction and design detail from the 18th century in order to suggest a new perspective on construction for the 21st Century.  Avoiding modern construction techniques where possible, with the objective of exploring new perspectives of design via construction. Recently collaborated with Rhianna Sizeland, from Fashion Textiles, with the idea of applying colour to her garments on the Future is 2 installations (March 2016) relating to the 18th century palette.

    Rhianna began by researching the colours on the 18th Century garments that Caryl used as her inspiration. The starting point was to look at how colour evolved in fashion throughout history. Being such a huge subject, she chose to look at Vogue magazine covers, which depict the popular seasons colours and moods that have been a constant source over the last 100 years.  They chose to project the colour rather than apply a permanent pigment to the garments to mirror the changeable nature of fashion and colour. They also hope the projected colour illustrates the pattern and cycle of trends. 


    • Technical Associate
      Rhianna Sizeland
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    Exhibited in The Future is, Fashion Symposium 2015 and 2016 

     Took part in the Fashion "Pink Practice" Research Group Symposium and exhibition 2009.

    Master Classes in bias Draping at the Victoria and Albert Museum for the Queen Maud exhibition. 2005

    Master Classes in draping for the Fashion in Motion Exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum 2000-2001



    Caryl has an interest in 19th century corsetry and has made detailed studies of the corset looking at the cut and construction as well as the historical context; visiting numerous costume museum archives compiling detailed observational drawings and measurements from which she has produced patterns. This is linked to her interest in creative pattern cutting and pushing garment design beyond the confines of the body. Her philosophy is creative cutting is the foundation of good design.



    Caryl is an experienced educator and has skills and knowledge in the development of modules and module leading. She teaches design across all levels with expertise in creative pattern cutting and draping.

    Module leader for Ft4004 Communicating The Idea

    Module Leader for Ft5004 The External Client

    Support For Teaching on Ft6001 Final major Project

    BA Hons Fashion Design