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Dr Stefania Bortolussi

Scientific Officer at UEL, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology area (September 2017 to present)

Dr Stefania Bortolussi holds a PhD in Biomolecular and Pharmaceutical Sciences and as a member of the technical staff is involved in the preparation and setting up of the practical classes for the Bioscience students and she is involved in the maintenance of equipment and of the laboratory facilities.

    Dr Stefania Bortolussi MSc PhD MRSB RSci

    • Maintenance and arranging for repair of equipment and maintenance of the laboratory facilities and associated areas
    • To participate in the stock-control, ordering and inventory procedures
    • Preparation, setting up and clearing of equipment and materials for practical classes
    • Advise and guide students during practical classes on the appropriate procedures for the operation, monitoring, maintenance and security of equipment and facilities
    • Instruct groups of students on the use of specialist facilities and equipment
    • To carry out routine maintenance and PAT Testing of appropriate tools and equipment
    • Accurate record keeping; preparation and regular maintenance of inventory of reagents and stocks. Inventory of equipment within specified area/s and keeping a record of its maintenance.
    • Identifying current and future resource needs, e.g. equipment, physical resource, and associated consumable items, and maintaining stock levels as appropriate. Requisitioning and purchasing supplies using online ordering system
    • Maintain an up to date knowledge of health and safety procedures and issues relating to their work environment and ensuring compliance. Assisting with risk assessments and completion of COSHH assessments
    • Disposal of waste materials including hazardous waste as directed and in accordance with established laboratory procedures, local regulations and legal requirements
    • Participating in maintaining satisfactory standards of safety and security relating to technical services in the area. Ensure laboratories, other designated rooms and equipment are maintained to be safe and clean including organising of maintenance contracts
    • Take personal responsibility to develop and maintain a professional knowledge becoming multi skilled. Commitment to achieving Professional Registration and maintaining CPD


    RESEARCH EXPERIENCE                                                
    University of Turin

    • Conducted fluorometric enzyme activity assay with fluorimeter
    • Constructed an optical biosensor for testing new enzyme inhibitors
    • Prepared and transformed competent cells
    • Gained extensive knowledge of bacterial genetic techniques, including plasmid extraction, DNA digestion with restriction enzymes, and DNA agarose gel electrophoresis
    • Performed site-directed mutagenesis for the generation of polymorphic enzyme variants
    • Designed primers for genemutagenesis and sequencing
    • Performed statistical hypothesis testing (t-test)
    • Carried out recombinant expression of human protein in E. coli cells
    • Purified protein using chromatographic method and spectral protein characterization with a spectrophotometer
    • Separated protein using sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)
    • Reduced protein with NADPH in aerobiosis for kinetic analysis of reduction process
    • Performed re-oxidation enzyme studies in a stopped-flow system and in anaerobiotic conditions inside a glove-box
    • Used spectroelectrochemistry-redox potentiometry studies to evaluate the redox potential of proteins
    • Separated and identified enzymatic products by HPLC and evaluatedkinetic enzymatic parameters (KM, Vmax and kcat)


    • test


    “Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase 3 Polymorphic Variants Significantly Affect Clearance of Tamoxifen and Clomiphene”
    Gianluca Catucci, Stefania Bortolussi, Giulia Rampolla, Debora Cusumano, Gianfranco Gilardi and Sheila J. Sadeghi
    Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, University of Torino, Torino, Italy
    (Received 8 May 2018; Accepted 25 June 2018) publication description Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

    “Bioelectrochemical profiling of two common polymorphic variants of human FMO3 in presence of graphene oxide" Silvia Castrignanò, Stefania Bortolussi, Gianluca Catucci, Omkolsum Gholami, Francesca Valetti, Gianfranco Gilardi,b, Sheila J. Sadeghi
    publication date Jan 22, 2017  publication description Electrochimica Acta



    University of East London

    • I’ve attended a Health and Safety corporate Induction course
    • I have attended courses on diversity in learning and teaching, bullying and harassment at work and safeguarding and unconscious bias.
    • I’ve been involved in culture and maintenance of Tetrahymena Pyriformis to figure out the optimal conditions for the growth, maintenance, and storage of this Protozoa.
    • Upskilling in histology and microbiology. In histology I learnt how to process tissue in order to prepare wax embedded tissue and how to prepare tissue slides using the microtome.
    • Upskilling in microbiology I learnt how to work with adherent and suspension cells, including thawing, passaging and counting cells. I have also gained knowledge about Gram staining and I contributed to prepare with this method slides of
      “Aspergillus Niger”.
    • Upskilling in tissue culture. How to grow cancer cells (adherent and suspension cells) and I have learnt the procedure to store them in liquid nitrogen
    • I developed a CPD course based on protein electrophoresis