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Dr Raoul Valerio Bianchi

Reader in International Tourism and Development

Centre for the Study of States, Markets and People (STAMP)

Dr Raoul Bianchi gained a BSc in Politics and International Relations from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Tourism Management from the University of Surrey before being awarded a Doctorate in the social anthropology of tourism development at University of North London in 2000. 

    Raoul Bianchi worked as a Lecturer in Tourism at the University of Derby from 1995 to 1998 before returning to the University of North London (subsequently London Metropolitan University) to take up a position as Research Fellow and then Senior Research Fellow in Culture, Tourism and Development.  During his time he developed and carried out a range of funded research projects into tourism development, sustainable tourism planning, World Heritage and the cultural politics of heritage, principally in the Canary Islands. He has also worked on EU-funded programmes including EU-TEMPUS and was part of the coordinating team for the Euromed Heritage II project, Mediterranean Voices (, which explores urban intangible heritage in 13 Mediterranean cities. He is currently writing a book on tourism, citizenship and politics, which will be published in 2013.

    Conference Chair and Organiser of the 2012 Annual Conference of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS): Re-creating the Global City: Tourism, Leisure and Mega-Events in the Transformation of 21st Century Cities, University of East London, 12-14th September 2012.

    Regular peer review work undertaken for various academic journals, including, Annuals of Tourism Research, Current Issues in Tourism, International Journal of Heritage Studies, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Geographies and Tourism and Hospitality Planning and Development.

    Dr Raoul Bianchi holds a BSc (Hons) in Politics and International Studies (Southampton, 1989), MSc in Tourism Management (Surrey, 1992) and PhD in the social anthropology of tourism development (University of North London, 2000). He has a long standing commitment to the development of tourism as an instrument of social and environmental justice and from 1997-2003 was on the steering committee of the NGO Tourism Concern.
    Dr Bianchi is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute (UK) and member of their Tourism and Heritage committee. He has been a long standing member of the Research Committee on International Tourism of the International Sociological Association and the Association for Tourism and Leisure (ATLAS).

    - Associate Editor, Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights.
    - Editorial Board Memberships
    - Tourism Planning and Development
    - Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies; PASOS - Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage

    Editorial board memberships: 

    PASOS, Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural/Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage ( (current)

    Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change ( (2003-2011)

    Methodological Innovations (2006-2010)

    Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS)

    Association for Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE)

    Member of Research Committee 50 on International Tourism, International Sociological Association (Madrid)

    External examiner at St Mary’s University College, London


    - Media:

    (2020) Covid-19 and the prospects for a radical transformation of tourism. Alba Sud, 22 May 2020.

    - Books:

    Bianchi, R. V. and M.L. Stephenson (2014) Tourism and Citizenship: rights, freedoms and responsibilities in the global order. London and New York: Routledge.

    Journal Articles:

    (2020) Tourism, inclusive growth and decent work: a political economy critique, Journal of Sustainable Tourism (co-authored with Frans de Man) DOI:

    (2020) The contradictory politics of the right to travel: mobilities, borders and tourism. Mobilities. (co-authored with M. L. Stephenson & K. Hannam).

    (2018) The political economy of tourism development: A critical review.  Annals of Tourism Research. 70, May: 88-102.

    Bianchi, R. V. and M.L. Stephenson (2013) Deciphering tourism and citizenship in a globalized world. Tourism Management. 39: 10-20.

    (2009) The ‘Critical Turn’ in Tourism Studies: a Radical Critique. Tourism Geographies. 11(4): 484-504.

    (2006) Tourism and the Globalisation of Fear: analysing the politics of risk and (in)security in global travel. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 7(1): 64-74.

    (2005) Euromed Heritage: Culture, Capital and Trade Liberalisation - implications for the Mediterranean city. Journal of Mediterranean Studies. 15(2): 283-318.

    (2004) Tourism Restructuring and the Politics of Sustainability: A Critical View from the European Periphery. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 12(6): 495-529.

    (2002) The Contested Landscapes of World Heritage on a Tourist Island: The Case of Garajonay National Park, La Gomera, International Journal of Heritage Studies, 8(2): 81-97.

    (2000) Migrant Tourist-Workers: Exploring the Contact-Zones of Post-Industrial Tourism.  Current Issues in Tourism, 3(2): 107-137.

    Book chapters:

    (2019) La economía política del turismo: una introducción crítica. Pp, 53-74 in E. Cañada and I. Murray (eds.) Turistificación global: perspectivas críticas. Barcelona: Icaria

    (2019) Tourism, mobility rights and the fault-lines of global citizenship. Pp. 123-138 in Paasi, A., E. Prokkola, J. Saarinen & K. Zimmerbauer (eds.) Borderless Worlds - For Whom? Ethics, moralities and (in)justices in mobilities. Routledge.

    (2018) Politics and Tourism in the Mediterranean Region. In R. Gillespie and F. Volpi (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Mediterranean Politics. (pp. 279-291). London: Routledge. (co-authored with T. Selwyn)

    (2017) The Political Economy of Mass Tourism and its Contradictions. In D, Harrison and R. Sharpley (Eds.) Mass Tourism in a Small World. Wallingford: CAB International (pp. 40-52).

    (2015) Towards a Political Economy of Global Tourism Revisited.  In R. Sharpley and D. Telfer (Eds.) Tourism and Development. Bristol: Channel View Publications (pp. 287-331).

    (2012) A Radical Departure: A critique of the critical turn in tourism studies. In J. Wilson (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of Tourism Geographies: New Perspectives on Space, Place  and Tourism. London: Routledge (pp. 46-54).

    (2011) Tourism, Capitalism and Marxist Political Economy. In J. Mosedale (Ed) Political Economy of Tourism: A Critical Perspective. London and New York: Routledge (pp. 17-38).


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    Globalisation and the international political economy of tourism; tourism entrepreneurship, work and labour relations; sustainable tourism development and planning; tourism, politics and international relations; the interplay of tourism, culture and heritage.  His interests are worldwide, with particular emphasis on Spain and the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean & Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa.



    Dr Bianchi's teaching expertise encompasses tourism development, tourism planning, sustainable tourism, tourism innovations, cultural heritage management and the sociology & anthropology of tourism.  He has also taught research methods and general introductory courses to tourism.

    Modules include:
    Tourism & Hospitality: Concepts and Approaches
    Tourism Enterprise and Innovation
    Sustainable Tourism Development & Planning
    Anthropology and Tourism