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Dr Rula Al Abdulrazak

Senior Lecturer, Branding and Global Marketing

University of East London, Business and Law

Rula M. Al-Abdulrazak is a Senior Lecturer in International Marketing and Branding at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, University of East London. Prior to academia, Rula held consultancy and specialist positions at a European Commission Business Centre and at AFPC/Shell operating company on the Mediterranean. 

    Management | Consultancy | Training | Research
    Brand management and communication specialist with 20+ years of diverse experience in oil industry, business consultancy, and higher education. Worked with European and Middle Eastern organisations spanning business management and strategic planning to marketing. Researches in branding and nation/place marketing.
    - Create, manage and communicate brands
    - Strategic marketing
    - Place marketing
    - Global and cross-cultural marketing
    - Islamic markets and brands
    - Middle East regional knowledge and experience
    - Training in marketing and cross-cultural negotiation, management & visionary leadership
    - Public speaking (English & Arabic)


    Research Studies:

    PREVENT: is it a trusted brand?

    Trust, Nation Image and brands with reference to Islam

    Brand religiosity, trust and relationship marketing

    Trust and Islamic capital

    Arab Spring and Nation Brand: the impact on nation image during and after the events

    The role of art in cultural diplomacy and the impact of religion, a study of the UAE cultural diplomacy

    An examination of the stakeholder approach in brand management

    A study of the impact of public diplomacy on nation image 

    Nation Brand State: a comparative study in the Middle East

    A comparative study of country of origin image: Egyptians and Syrians as producers in the UK market

    Keynote Speaker and Expert Consultancy

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. (2017), Who’s the hero? Muslim women in Arabic literature and trust, Conference on Exploring Contemporary Muslim Art, Culture and Heritage in Britain, 14 September Muslims in Britain Research Network, University of Birmingham, UK.

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. (2014) Nation, Brand and Art: would your art tell me who you are?  A Keynote Speech, the Forum of Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth: Celebrating Art and Culture in the Commonwealth as Key Features of Nation Branding, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, London.

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. (2013) Oman Brand and National Identity, Oman Competitiveness Forum December 2013, organised by the Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development, Oman.

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. (2013) Cultural Bridges and Nation Branding: a case from the Middle East, The London Conference on Cultural Bridges, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, London.

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. (2004), “Enhancing Trade Exchange between Syria and UK through the enhancement of Country-of-Origin Image: Facts and Development Possibilities”, Syrian Economic Reform – Expatriates & Specialists Conference, Damascus.


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    Hidden Treasures of Oman

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. . 2014. Economic Focus- quarterly publication of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce Vol. 9, No. 1 .

    Syria’s nation brand and the impact of public diplomacy

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2007. 3rd Annual Colloquium of the AM’s Brand, Corporate Identity and Reputation SIG, London.

    Book Review- Branding the Nation: The Global Business of National Identity

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M, Melissa Aronczyk. 2014. Melissa Aronczyk, Time Higher Education, January 23.

    Cultural Diplomacy and the United Arab Emirates, in the Handbook of Islamic Marketing

    Al-Abdulrazak, R.M. and Chong, D. . 2011. Sandikci, O. and Rice, G., Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. .

    Syria’s Nation Brand: is it a choice between security and prosperity?

    Al-Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2008. <div>ICIG International Symposium, March 2008, Brighton. </div>.

    Towards better understanding of nation branding

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2010. 2nd International Colloquium on Place Marketing and Nation Branding, London..

    Nation Brand a source or a result of Destination Branding? Researching Destination Management Policy and Planning: Linking culture, heritage and tourism

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2007. Riga - Latvia.

    Nation Identity-based Brand: Is it a choice between the Nation and the State?

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2008. Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Aberdeen.

    The Branded Nation: a comparative analysis with reference to Syria and the United Arab Emirates 

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. . 2016.

    Nation's Image and Trust in Brands associated with Islam

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2015.

    How Sustainable the Nation Brand Phenomenon, the 5th International Colloquium on Place Brand Management (ICPBM)

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. . 2015. University of the Valle d’Aosta.

    Trust, and Islamic Capital [Editorial], Society and Business Review

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. and Patel, G. . 2017. Society and Business Review, Vol 12, No. 3..

    Nation's Influential Factors and Brand Image with reference to Islam, the 8th Global Halal Conference

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2015. Michigan State University.

    Islamic Economic System inspiring Sustainable Development Goals in Islamic Infrastructure Finance, 10th LSE-HBKU on Islamic Infrastructure Finance and Sustainable Islamic Infrastructure Goals

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. . 2016. London School of Economics and Political Science.

    Trust, Religiosity, and Relationship Marketing: a Conceptual Overview of Consumer Brand loyalty

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. and Gbadamosi, A. . 2017. Society and Business Review, Vol 12, No. 3. .

    Stakeholder Approach in Nation Branding A study of cases from the Middle East

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M. and Chaney, I. 2009. 5th International Colloquium of the Academy of Marketing Brand, Corporate Identity and Reputation SIG, Cambridge..

    Arab Spring and Nation Branding

    Al Abdulrazak, R.M.. 2012. 3rd International Colloquium on Place Marketing and Nation Branding, Lincoln..


    Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue a three years project which was awarded (£341,133) by Research Councils UK, Global Uncertainties - key partner leading the business strand.


    Rula is interested in knowledge exchange and consultancy projects. She is passionate about branding and cross-cultural marketing. Her research in nation and place branding, trust and branding in cross-cultural context are interdisciplinary. Rula delves into the complex interaction and subsequent effects among brands and society in relation to identity, image and perceptions. Her work addresses global marketing with local insight. Rula drives to improve education and knowledge exchange as the way to enhance social development and peace. She is currently examining the UK government’s PREVENT strategy in terms of communication and brand trust.

    Research in nation branding and international marketing (strategy and communication), and country of origin image.
    Global and International Marketing



    • Fundamentals of Marketing
    • Marketing Management
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • International Marketing Strategy
    • Undergraduates' graduation project
    • Consumer behaviour
    • European Business Environment
    • PhD Supervision
    • Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing
    • Marketing in the Digital Age
    • Brand Management and Communication
    • Strategic Brand Management