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Dr Julius Akotia

Senior Lecturer


  • University of East London
    Docklands Campus
    University Way
    London, E16 2RD
    United Kingdom
    E16 2RD

    Chartered Institute Of Building (CIOB), Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Roya Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
    Pg/Dip, MSc, PhD, in Construction Project Management, MCIOB, FHEA
    - Collaborate with local and international institution for research and publication and for external examination activities:
    - Collaborated with colleague at UCL as a guest Editor for a Special Issue Journal paper on Sustainable Urban Regeneration for the Journal of Construction Economics and Building.
    - Co-editing a secondary data research book for built environment students which is about to be published by Routledge.
    - Collaborating with colleague locally and international to undertake research and publications into sustainability issues.
    - External examiner for Central University of Technology- South Africa in the area of civil engineering and construction project management
    - External examiner for Huddersfield University, UK in the area of construction project management


    Most recent research

    Sustainability and its related issues are some of the core research areas I have been researching into as they are seen as one of the key current thinking within academia and industry.

    The most recent research published in Journal of Construction, Economics and Building: Akotia, J., Manu, E., Opoku, A., and Sackey, E. (2020) The role of built environment practitioners in driving the socio-economic sustainability aspects of sustainable regeneration, Construction, Economics and Building, 20:2, 89-108, explored the sustainability drivers of construction practitioners towards the promotion of sustainability of regeneration projects in the UK.

    The study adopted qualitative research method using semi-structured interviews techniques to explore the sustainability drivers with the construction industry experts. The key finding from the study revealed that, while practitioners were sceptical about the cost implications of sustainability, majority of them were seen to be promoting sustainability drivers as a way of enhancing their reputation or image to enable them continue to draw attention from their potential future clients.


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    Akotia, J., Manu, E., Opoku, A., and Sackey, E. (2020) The role of built environment practitioners in driving the socio-economic sustainability aspects of sustainable regeneration, Construction, Economics and Building, 20:2, 89-108.

    Opoku, A., and Akotia, J. (2020). Special issue: urban regeneration for sustainable development . Construction Economics and Building, 20:2, 1-5. http:// v20i2.719.
    Akotia, J and Sackey, E. (2018) Understanding socio-economic sustainability drivers of sustainable regeneration: an empirical study of regeneration practitioners in UK, European Planning Studies, Vol. 26, No. 10, 2080–2100,

    Akotia, J; Opoku, A. (2018) Sustainable regeneration project delivery in UK: A qualitative analysis of practitioners’ engagement, Journal of Facilities Management, Vol. 16 No. 1, 2018, p. 000, DOI 10.1108/JFM-05-2017-0024

    Akotia, J; Opoku, A; Farahat, H. (2017) The extent of practitioners' involvement in the delivery of sustainable urban regeneration projects in UK, European Journal of Sustainable Development, 6, 2, 147-164. DOI: 10.14207/ejsd.2017.v6n2p147

    Akotia, J & Sackey, E. (2017) Towards the delivery of sustainable regeneration projects’ types in the UK: an exploration of the role and level of involvement of key practitioners, International Journal of Construction Management, DOI: 10.1080/15623599.2017.1326300.

    Sackey, E. and Akotia, J. (2017) Spanning the multilevel boundaries of construction organisations: towards the delivery of BIM-compliant projects, Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management, Vol 17, Issue 3. DOI 10.1108/CI-09-2016-0047.

    Akotia, J; Opoku, A; Egbu, C and Fortune, C. (2016) Exploring the Knowledge ‘base’ of Practitioners in the delivery of Sustainable Regeneration Projects, Construction Economics and Building, 16(2), 13-25. 



    Reading, Research and Writing 



    As part of my teaching responsibilities, I have carried out module leadership, management, teaching and supervision roles for a number of construction management modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Other key roles I have undertaken as part of my teaching and management roles include, planning, designing and preparing modules and teaching materials, setting out assessments and marking schemes (formative and summative, individual and group based) and assessing/marking  students’ coursework and exams, providing feedback to students, and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students’ dissertations and research project works (BSc, MSc, PhD), as well as chairing and conducting viva defence/examinations for BSc, MSc and PhD students.