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Dr John Francis Allum


Health, Sport and Bioscience, Bioscience

I teach on the Foundation year for HSB and am the module leader for Essential Maths and ICT.

    I have a BSc in Marine and Freshwater Biology, a PhD in Microbial Plant Disease and have FHEA accreditation.




    Chromosome doubling in a Rosa rugosa Thunb. hybrid by exposure of in vitro nodes to oryzalin: the effects of node length, oryzalin concentration and exposure time

    Allum JF, Bringloe DH, Roberts AV . 2007. Plant Cell Reports 26. 1977-84.

    Interactions of four pathotypes of Diplocarpon rosae with species and hybrids of Rosa

    Allum JF, Bringloe DH, Roberts AV . 2010. Plant Pathology 59. 516-522.



    • Plant tissue culture and microbial plant disease
    • Microbial and animal cell culture
    • Community ecology, especially aquatic ecology of phytoplankton
    • Improving methods for Learning and Teaching to large groups of mixed ability students.
    • Have carried out projects on carbon acquisition in phytoplankton, macroalgae and sea grasses, and the evolution of dimethyl sulphide by marine algae.



    BS3331 Academic and Communication Skills
    BS3332 Essential Maths and ICT
    BS3333 Human Biology
    BS3334 Chemistry of Life
    IHSB Foundation Degrees