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Returning to SportsDock

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We are open!

As we get ready to reopen, we want to make sure you have everything you need to workout safely.

Before any member uses SportsDock, they will need to sign a Reopening commitment statement. We will use the data that you provide in the form as a record that you have agreed to follow the rules outlined in the commitment statement.

In the event that we become aware of a positive case of Covid-19 within SportsDock and you were in the same vicinity, we will use the contact information you provide to let you know. We may share the data you provide to Public Health England for the purpose of Contact Tracing.

On this page you can watch our reopening video, sign the statement and book your first session!

Covid-19 FAQs

The Centre has been open since August 3rd! We have put measures in place to keep our staff and members safe. This includes a booking system for gym sessions, and a Reopening Commitment Statement, which every member needs to sign before they come back to the Centre. 

You can find out more using the links and FAQs on this page. 

When we closed our gyms on the 20th March, we made a commitment to all our members that any time that they had left on their most recent payment would go towards time in SportsDock when we reopened.

Annuals memberships – Whatever time has been lost will be added to the end of your membership.

DD’s - The 15th March payment will be used to pay for the first month when we reopen.

If you would like to freeze any membership for up to 3 months then please contact

As well as continuing to run classes via Teams, we will be running group classes in our studio.

There will be a new timetable released in the coming weeks to allow for cleaning between classes. We have also adjusted the capacity of classes to allow for social distancing.

We will be limiting the number of people allowed to workout at any one time depending on the Government guidelines on social distancing.

1 hour long training sessions will be available to book online once we reopen. You must be a SportsDock member, and you must have a booking.

We are working closely with the University of East London, UK Active and colleagues across the sector to make sure SportsDock is safe to use.

We are following the advice of the national and international health services. You can find out more about the measures we will be putting in place here.

Decisions on which sports can be played will depend on Government and National Governing Body guidelines. We will keep an up to date list within this answer and our communications.

We have put many measures in place to make sure SportsDock is safe. You can find out more about the measures here. (Link the document I wrote for Nikki)

We are in the process of designing a new reopening induction so all members can find out about the changes we have made and how they can use the gym safely.

This will be released soon online and via email.

Please make sure that you have read and accepted the commitment statement before booking a session at the gym.

Please check your temperature before you arrive at SportsDock, and do not come in if you are showing symptoms. Respect other members by adhering to the social distancing rules, and clean your equipment before and after use.

The changing rooms will be open for use of toilets only. The shower, changing and locker facilities will not be available.

Members are allowed to take one small bag into the Fitness Centre.

To ensure that members can maintain social distancing, and our facilities can be cleaned effectively, we have moved kit around and taken some out of action.

We have done our best to keep as much equipment as possible available, and will release a tour with more information soon.

Small pieces of equipment such as resistance bands, boxing gloves and belts will no longer be available to use for the time being.