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All your favourite SportsDock classes streamed here.

To join a session quickly, just click on the "Join a session" button at the start time of the class and this will open up a TEAMS link where the class will be streaming from.

Optimal Series

Our Optimal Series contains some of our most popular classes! Join our Fitness Instructors, and dare we say it, the Fitness Manager himself, in one of our tough yet satisfying classes. Pack a punch in Optimal Boxfit, or push yourself to the limit with Optimal Iron Man. Our classes are tough, but our Fitness Instructors and your classmates will get you through it.

We guarantee you’ll be back!

Virtual Classes

Our Wexer virtual class program brings you award winning classes from around the world! Try LesMills with Sean T, or try yoga on a beach in the middle of nowhere. If you prefer exercise classes to the gym, our Wexer virtual class program run all day, and you can pick whichever class you want! So there’s no excuse that you don’t like it, or it’s already started.

Our MyRide virtual cycling studio is located in the Fitness Centre and runs sessions throughout the day. From 15 minutes to 35 minutes, you can cycle the Alps, or along the Hudson River with the Manhattan skyline at your side. Use it to kickstart your workout or if you’re short on time, take one of the shorter sessions to fit your workout in.

Live Classes

The instructor for our live class program are some of the very best instructor in the fitness industry! From high energy dance classes like Zumba to holistic classes such as Hatha Yoga we will have something for you to enjoy. This is a great way to get fit with friends or meet new people who enjoy the same class you do. You won’t be disappointed I promise!