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UEL's Victory Over Brunel

UEL's Victory Over Brunel

University of East London defeated Brunel University 90-65 in the BUCS Basketball Premier South on Wednesday. Brunel took an early lead but UEL fought back to make it 7-7 in an evenly contested opening goal few minutes. UEL fell just behind at 12-11 halfway through the first quarter, but a strong end to the quarter meant they led 22-15 at the break.

UEL built on their lead in the second quarter, reaching a 20 point lead at one stage with the score at 47-27. UEL played a lot of fast paced, skilful basketball in this quarter, scoring a few three-pointers and pulling off some exciting individual runs as a result. At the halfway mark, the home side led 51-36. This continued in the third quarter, with UEL’s dominance in the game being reflected by a 73-48 score line. Brunel did manage to get back into the game by the end of the quarter however, but UEL still took a 73-53 lead into the final 10 minutes.

UEL enjoyed a comfortable final quarter, taking a 90-6 lead before Brunel took four points back before the end, leaving the final score at 90-65 to UEL. The victory keeps University of East London at the top of the BUCS Basketball Premier South ahead of Oxford University, who they face next match, on 1 February.

Match Report by Dan Grimes