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UEL Men's 3rd Team Pip UCL 2nds To The Points

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UEL Men's 3rd Team Pip UEL 2nds To The Points.

UEL Men’s 3rd team went in to this one sitting second in the league table, and needed the points to stay above King’s College 2nd team, who are in hot pursuit of the East London side. UEL did manage to secure the points, however the tense match that they fought their way through showed how no fixture can be taken lightly as we enter the business-end of the season.

The first quarter was edged by UEL, with both teams missing early chances, but number 7 was dictating the play and was involved in all of the effective attacking passages. The quarter ended with UEL leading by a single point, and the tense nature of the game could already be felt at this early stage.

Nothing changed in the second quarter, with both sides matching one another for the duration of the quarter. UCL’s number 11 did an excellent job of limiting UEL’s chances, foiling numerous attacking sequences. As the klaxon sounded for half-time there was still a mere one-point lead being held by UEL – 31-30.

At the start of the third quarter, UEL lost their lead for the first time in the match. This led to the home side chasing the game for the majority of the rest of the game, which seemed to suit UCL, who kept countering efficiently, whilst also sinking most of their free-throws. The sheer physicality of the visitors seemed to benefit them, winning second balls off the back-board more often than not, frustrating the hosts.

UEL only took the lead again after a time-out at the beginning of the fourth quarter, taking the score to 57-55. In the next few minutes the home side really dug in, making more of their important shots and free-throws, whilst also battling with the strength of the UCL team.

As the tense final couple of minutes ticked down slowly, UEL showed their tactical nous by winning fouls and frustrating UCL with their controlled possession. The game ended with UEL winning by a four-point margin, the scoreboard reading 68-64.

Important points gained by the home-side as they maintain their second-place position in the league table as we near an important last few fixtures.

March report by Lewis McKean.