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Men's Basketball 2nd's Fight Back To See Off Westminster

Men's Basketball 2nd's Fight back To See Off Westminster.

UEL men’s basketball 2nd team went into the game against the University of Westminster looking to continue their winning momentum after beating London Metropolitan University last week. Westminster won the tip off and were first on the score board, scoring from the free throw line as they started to take an early lead. However, half way through the first quarter UEL started to get some points on the board after scoring a couple of two pointers. There was some sloppy play in the first quarter as both sides looked to be using it as a warm up to get to grips with the pace of the game. Towards the end of the first quarter UEL narrowed the gap by scoring some three pointers and at the end of the first quarter UEL were trailing 10-19.

The second quarter saw an improvement from both UEL and Westminster. This resulted in both teams continuing to increase their score. But a couple of chances missed from the free throw line from UEL still meant that they trailed their opponents. At half time the score was UEL 25 Westminster 36. UEL came out much improved in the third quarter as a well needed half time team talk was required to cut the points gap. The team responded well by opening the scoring in the third quarter. The gap was reduced to eight points within two minutes of the quarter as UEL looked to pile the pressure on their opponents. UEL’s defending was also improved in the third quarter as they prevented their opponents from scoring numerous times. The 3rd quarter ended with a very tight score line as UEL fought back to only trail Westminster by two points.

The final quarter turned out to be UEL’s best three minutes in however, the gap increased to four points, but the team still carried on to fight back as they continued to score two pointers and score from the free throw line. With only three minutes to go UEL finally took the lead by two points. Towards the end of the game the crowd saw UEL show their talent, as some incredible three pointers were scored to widen the margin. Eventually UEL won the game 72-62.A cheer and applause from the crowd was well deserved as the game was a true test of character. The team did not let their heads drop at any point and continued to fight back and win the game. Next up for the UEL’s men’s basketball 2nd team is an away trip to the University of Greenwich.

Match report by Marcus Lee.