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Netball 1st victorious again

Women's netball

Netball 1st victorious again

The University of East London Netball 1st team cruised past Essex 46-13 at SportsDock on Wednesday.

UEL dominated from the start as team captain/goal attack Stacie Smith and goal scorer Jules Kates led the offense.

Kates, who joined the team this year as a fresher, has already made an impact in UEL’s 2-0 start to the season.

Smith said: “With Jules, we’ve got so much more height. So my role this year is more about feeding her the ball, rather than me doing so much shooting this year. She’s completely new to us—we played our first game last week and she absolutely smashed it. We’re going to have a good season.”

UEL already led 9-2 at the end of the first quarter, but in the second quarter they really dominated, outscoring Essex 14-1 for a 20-point lead at the half.

Essex had their best performance in the third period and scored five goals, but UEL were too strong and the match went to the final 15 minutes with the score 35-8 to UEL.

UEL added seven more goals to their tally for a 33-point victory. Smith expressed her pleasure with the result, saying: “We played really well. We’ve got a small squad this year, so it’s really difficult on fitness. We dominated from the off and we kept fighting until the end. We’re now in the cup, so we have to play all the way up to Division Two, so if we keep fighting in these games it gets us ready to fight all the way through in those games.”

UEL have now won 17 games on the trot dating back to 22 October 2014. They will look to continue that streak when they play Reading next Wednesday at 2pm in a cup game.

Smith said: “It’s going to be tough, it’s a bit of a trek, and it’s our first cup game. We’re just going to go as hard as we can and keep fighting through the cup and hopefully get to the final.”

Report by Don McDermott

Image by Ellis Cruise