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Another win for Men's Football 1st

Football game

Another win for Men's Football 1st

A pacey start for both teams as the first half commenced, developing into many early goal opportunities for UEL.

The first half displayed equal opportunities for either side. Essex played tactically and demonstrated a good spread of players across the pitch. UEL presented quality performances in many positions, their defence was on top form and skills from Michael Ogboin were highlighted in the first half when he opened up great chances for the team.

Unfortunately for Essex, poor communication with their goal keeper and defence lead to them conceding and own goal making it 1-0 to UEL in the 22nd minute.

Ousmane Kone for UEL exhibited remarkable defending during the first 45 minutes.

Half an hour through and a few injuries took place for either team.

Essex’s number 8 came down the line strong, however, there wasn’t any one there to follow the play through, which caused them to be unsuccessful l in scoring in the first half.

43 minutes in and Essex were given a free kick. Unluckily the ball went straight over the wall of five which made it simple for the goal keeper Richie Robins to catch. Following Robins’ goal kick, Johan Caney-Bryan smashed the counter attack, scoring an amazing goal in the bottom left hand corner, putting UEL in a 2-0 lead before half time.

HT: 2-0.

Approaching into the second half, we witnessed as slower start and Essex started to show deflation in their performance. On the other hand UEL were still fighting and demonstrating a ‘goal hungry’ attitude despite the fact they were already in a 2-0 lead.

During this half we saw Liam MacDevitt come to life as he exposed his fast pace up and down the line and always being there when needed. He also portrayed astounding footwork and passing skills which helped UEL in all areas of the pitch.

61 minutes in and Essex finally had some activity in their half. A corner took place but went straight over the bar failing to give them the boost of confidence that they needed to carry on fighting.

A lot more action took place even after a slower start. However, most of it took place in UEL’s favour with goal opportunities happening in consecutive minutes.

Only one substitute occurred due to injury, therefore UEL’s Joshua Adjei replaced Stefan Nielsen in the 62nd minute.

The last 20 minutes of the match held in UEL’s favour, they created a stunning performance and outstanding consistency; UEL portrayed a ‘not giving in’ energy.

71” another own goal from Essex gave UEL their third and final goal for the game.

Even though UEL have only played three times, winning two and losing one, if their strong starting and enthusiasm continues they will be sure to succeed well in the league.

FT: 3-0.

Report by Teri Dormer.

Image by Erin Jane Lloyd.