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Get involved

We offer a variety of sporting programmes, activities and volunteering opportunities for all students to get involved.

My UELSports

My UELSports offers students of all abilities the opportunity to participate in a range of sports in a fun and relaxed social environment.

Free weekly sporting activities take place at Docklands Campus, SportsDock. Whether you are trying something new or just looking for something to do with your friends, My UELSports offers you the opportunity to get involved.

Exercises classes

There’s now a great way to dedicate some time to your health and wellbeing during your busy week. UELSports offers exercise classes for staff and students at both the Docklands and the Stratford Campuses on a weekly basis. 

SportsDock on the Docklands Campus runs exercise classes in the morning, lunchtime and evening for members to suit every timetable. Choose from 43 weekly classes.

There are also lunchtime classes to choose from on the Stratford Campus, so find a class at Stratford and get active today.

Personal development

We are dedicated to helping you develop professionally as well as athletically while you study at the University of East London. We have various voluntary opportunities available, within areas such as sports development, marketing and fitness, there are also a series of "Life Skill" development workshops and even have a fortnightly newsletter, keeping you informed with the latest voluntary
opportunities, jobs and more.

Find out about our personal development opportunities at UEL, including sports reps roles, internal student ambassadors, and media and event roles.

Healthy campus

UEL is committed to providing inclusive opportunities to improve health, wellbeing and the personal development of students, staff and our community. The UEL Healthy Campus initiative aims to provide information and resources to support and advise on health issues, including fitness, preventing re-occurring injuries, quitting smoking, losing weight and improving wellbeing.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the benefits associated with healthy living and to encourage everyone to adopt a holistic approach to health including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental health. We believe that a healthy campus supports students and staff to achieve their ambitious goals.