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Who we are

We are a successful provider of anthropology, international relations, international development, refugee, psychosocial and sociology courses. We offer a unique set of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are taught in an environment that has been recognised for its exceptional research.

About Social Sciences

We're current and relevant

A degree in a social science subject has never been more relevant than today. People who study a social science subject want to understand how individuals are shaped by, and in turn shapes society. The skills and knowledge gained through a social science degree have always been relevant for leaders, social innovators, and for responsible global citizens. 

We believe that our students are one of the most important positive resources for today’s society and we have learned to expect them to be leaders and achievers. Our students, who collectively speak 201 different languages bring a vast and diverse set of experiences to the classroom. Our approach to learning and teaching builds from this prior knowledge and experiences. We complement and expand our students’ strengths with classroom learning, work placements, field trips and international projects.

We feel privileged to be helping to develop strong, creative, energetic members of society who can make a real difference to the world.

We're student-centred

Our academic staff know and care about students as individuals, and are committed to providing a rich and experimental learning experience. They are active researchers in their professional areas and bring this knowledge and cutting-edge research in to the classroom. Student success and satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and this is reflected in the consistently high rankings we receive for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS). 

They have written many books, produced documentaries, delivered keynote and invited lectures all over the world, have received awards, grants, and have been leaders in industries such as NGO work, politics, unions, and higher education. They have a rigorous academic training that is reflected in their many professional achievements. They combine their scholarly expertise with professional success to guide students in preparing for careers in many fields in government, non-profit work, policy work, research, teaching, social care and counselling, writing, cultural organisations, health management, start-ups, museums, and many others.

Professor Allaine Cerwonka
Dean, School of Social Sciences

We feel privileged to be part of the cultivation of strong, creative, energetic members of society. If this sounds like who you are or who you would like to be, UEL can offer you an education suitable for the career and the world we live in today.

I came to UEL to study on the extended degree course which helped me gain the skills I previously didn't have before I started university. I am now on course for a first class honours, which I don't believe I would have been able to achieve without gaining the study skills and preparation I did during my foundation year.
Katie Hocking , Extended Degree Student
Katie Hocking