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Sociology and Social Policy

Our Sociology and Social Policy department has a long established tradition of innovation and excellence in both teaching and research. We are ambitious. We are large enough to offer a diverse range of modules, but small enough that we really get to know each and every one of our students. 

Sociology and Social Policy student
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    Our students rated us top of London's modern universities for Learning Resources - including access to journals, 24hr library service and much more (NSS 2016)

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    Ranked modern university in London, and second top in the country, for sociology research (REF 2014)

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    Per cent of our students are in work or further study within six months of graduating (DLHE survey)

What is Sociology and Social Policy?

Are you interested in understanding society? Do you wonder why social inequalities exist in areas such as immigration, housing and poverty? Or why some groups do less well at school than others? Or why there are not more women MPs? 

By studying sociology and social policy at UEL, you’ll not only discover the answers to those questions, you’ll gain the skills and understanding to be able to challenge inequalities and shape social policy in the world around you.

Studying sociology and social policy is about understanding our social world - how we interact and relate to each other. It is also about understanding where we came from and where we are going so that we help to improve social conditions for all.  UEL is at the centre of the largest urban regeneration project in all of Europe, with extremes of poverty and wealth right on our doorstep. It is also the most diverse region in all of Europe – there are more languages spoken and more religions than anywhere else. It’s hard to think of a better location to apply your developing knowledge.

Recent research and publications

  • Marked Identities: Narrating Lives between Social Labels and Individual Biographies
  • Working paper: Protection, assistance and social (re)integration of human trafficking survivors: a comparative analysis of policy approaches and practices in the UK and in Italy
  • The Psychosocial Impact of Capoeira for Refugee Children and Youth
  • Project: Summary research findings of Tottenham Thinking Space pilot RESEARCH REPORT 10
  • Olympic Housing: A Critical Review of London 2012's Legacy
  • Pierre Bourdieu and Jacques Rancière on art/aesthetics and politics: the origins of disagreement, 1963-1985
  • Review of Pierre Bourdieu
  • Anxieties and Defences: Normal and Abnormal
  • From NEET to ETE: An evaluation of the longer term outcomes of the Pathways programme at Fight for Peace, UK
  • Becomings: Narrative Entanglements and Microsociology
  • The Money Champions Programme: An Evaluation Report. Research Report 9
  • The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: A Critical Challenge to Global Nation‐States
  • Feeling Narrative in the archive: the question of serendipity
  • The work of memory: embodiment, materiality and home in Jeanne Bouvier’s autobiographical writings
  • Urban Multiculture Youth, Politics and Cultural Transformation in a Global City

Stephanie Hart

Sociology (Professional Development), BSc 

My passion is to help others. I've always wanted to train as a social worker and change the lives of the elderly. I was made an offer to study the Sociology (Professional Development) course at UEL which matched perfectly with what I wanted to do.

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