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Psychosocial Studies

Psychosocial Studies explores new ways of researching the relationships between individuals and their society. It encompasses both the individual focus of psychology and the broader concerns of the social sciences with society, history and culture. It provides a unique opportunity to study a socially-aware psychology alongside an individual-sensitive sociology in an interdisciplinary framework.

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    Per cent student satisfaction on our Psychosocial with Professional Practice Studies course (NSS 2016).

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    Our Psychosocial Studies academic team contributed to the research which helped UEL to be ranked top modern university in London for sociology research (REF 2014).

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    Psychosocial Studies undergraduate course in the UK, which began in 1983.

What is Psychosocial Studies?

We've been teaching Psychosocial Studies at UEL since 1983. It emerged in response to growing demand for courses that addressed both individual experience, and larger-scale social processes. Our courses are the only ones of their kind in the UK and students take a range of interdisciplinary modules that span psychology, sociology, cultural studies and psychoanalysis.

In teaching, emphasis is placed on discussion, the relation of students' experiences to academic material, and students' own workshop and project work. There are options for placements and we are committed to helping students develop ‘psychosocial skills’ to enhance employment opportunities. Our students come from a wide range of social, national and educational backgrounds - a diversity that we view positively as enriching the degree experience. Psychosocial Studies academic staff are strongly involved in research and publication, and bring this cutting-edge work into the classroom.

Recent research and publications

  • Between Skins: The Body in Psychoanalysis - Contemporary Developments
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  • PROJECT: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives on anti-social personality disorder
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  • Disordered personalities and crime
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  • PROJECT: Professor launches course for Calais Jungle camp refugees
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  • Promotional Culture and Convergence
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  • Social psychology of emotion
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  • Stop the Clocks!: Time and Narrative in Cinema
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  • The Therapeutic Milieu under fire
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    Doing Narrative Research
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  • Living with HIV and ARVs
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  • Emotion - New Psychosocial Perspectives
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  • Public Emotions
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  • How is surveillance psychologically negotiated and what are its underlying affective impacts?
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I've had the opportunity to apply theory to real life situations and develop myself with an in-depth understanding of humanity and human relations. I came to UEL with a narrow outlook on life, but I'm leaving with a greater understanding of humanity, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age, religion or sex.

Kenneth Atigah , BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies with Professional Practice

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