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Global Studies

Global Studies at UEL comprises undergraduate and postgraduate courses in, Conflict, Displacement and Human Security, Media Communication and Global Development, International Development, International Relations and Refugee Studies.

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    Student satisfaction on our International Development with NGO Management course (NSS 2016).

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    Our Economics, Politics and Policy course is brand new for the 2017/18 academic year

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    We're the only university that offers an undergraduate course in International Development with NGO Management.

What is Global Studies?

We live in an increasingly globalised world. Where in the past issues were defined with reference to the state and the relations between states, increasingly issues like economic growth, sustainable livelihoods, inequality, environmental degradation and migration present themselves as global problems with only global solutions.

Recent research and publications

  • The Beginning of History: Value Struggles and Global Capital
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  • Dreams in Medina
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  • Hunger and War: Food Provisioning in the Soviet Union during World War II
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  • Searching for Heaven in the Real World: A Sociological Discussion of Conversion in the Arab World
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  • Technology, Society and Inequality
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  • Georg Lukacs: The Fundamental Dissonance of Existence: Aesthetics, Politics, Literature
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  • International Migration, Development and Human Wellbeing
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Having a dream is not enough. I needed to be shown how to go about it. During my time at UEL, I set up the Children in Congo Foundation, which provides free primary education to children.
Adonis Magema , BA (Hons) International Development with NGO Management Graduate
Adonis-magema-international development-management-University of east London

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