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Advisory Board

UEL students give advice at Law Clinic

Advisory Board

In order to oversee the development and running of the Centre we have in place a board of advisors. This is made up of world-leading and internationally recognised terrorism and extremism researchers. Due to the inter-disciplinary nature of the Centre and our research it is imperative that the board of advisors reflects this. The role of the board is to help and assist in the development and maintenance of the Centre. 

Prof. John Horgan: Georgia State University, USA.

Prof. Alex Schmid: Terrorism Research Initiative, Vienna, Austria.

Prof. Richard English: Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Dr. Erica Chenoweth: University of Denver, USA.

Prof. Fernando Reinares: Universiad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Kumar Ramakrishna: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Prof. Max Taylor: Visiting Professor, University College London, United Kingdom.