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Postgraduate Criminology

Criminology is an exciting field of study providing students with insight into the nature of crime, criminality and the world of criminal justice. The skills and valuable knowledge learned in this field can have very useful real-world applications and can lead to extraordinary career paths.

If you are considering postgraduate studies, the Criminology department offers an excellent environment pursue your academic interests with independent study and research.

As a postgraduate student, you can study the UEL’s Postgraduate MSc in Terrorism Studies. This timely and pertinent course explores the theory and practice of terrorism and counter-terrorism, offering a brilliant insight into one of the most important and topical facets of the criminal world today.


Why study with us?

UEL has a team of experts in Criminology who are regularly called upon to provide advice to UK and overseas government departments including the Home Office, US Department of Justice and the FBI. They are often asked to appear on television, radio and in the press to give expert opinion and analysis. 

We put this expertise to good use on our courses, where you’ll gain stimulating insights into high-profile issues by studying the nature and causes of crime and how it is dealt with, controlled and punished. 

From our ultra-modern teaching hub in University Square Stratford, you’ll be ideally placed to take advantage of the many crime-related debates, meetings and conferences in London. We encourage you to get involved with local voluntary sector groups and gain valuable work experience. Our criminology department has excellent relationships with government departments and international bodies including the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and United Nations Roster of Terrorism Experts. 

With this level of professional expertise, it’s not surprising that 88 per cent of students agreed our criminology course staff are ‘enthusiastic about what they are teaching’ in the 2015 National Student Survey. Additionally, with such a diverse range of experts in the teaching staff, you can tailor the course to your own interests with an impressive choice of 12 optional modules as you progress into your final year.

What we're researching

Our criminology team includes world-renowned experts and researchers in areas such as terrorism, gang crime, organised crime, youth justice, victim support and race, ethnicity and crime.

Professor Andrew Silke, Head of Criminology
, has published more than 100 articles and books on terrorism, conflict, crime and policing. He has worked with numerous government departments and law enforcement and security agencies across the world. He serves on the United Nations Roster of Terrorism Experts and the European Commission’s European Network of Experts on Radicalisation.

Dr Anthony Gunter, Principal Lecturer
, has worked for ten years as a community and youth worker in east London, and researches gangs and gang culture. He’s the author of Growing Up Bad.

Dr John Morrison, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice
, has research interests in subjects that include Northern Irish terrorism, the psychology of terrorism and international terrorism and counter-terrorism strategies.

All of our researchers bring their work into the lecture theatre and seminar room, so you can be sure you’ll have access to the most up-to-date thinking in this fascinating field.