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Clinical Psychology Lab

Our resources and facilities

Modern campus

The School provides a positive learning experience for all its students. Our modern campus includes seminar space, tutorial rooms and lecture theatres specifically designed for learning. We encourage independent learning by providing student and staff access to specialised research and laboratory facilities, computer networks and databases, within both the School and the university library, with specialist facilities for our professional courses.  Students are supported by a full array of library services, including a dedicated librarian for psychology students.  

Specialist facilities

Students have the opportunity to access a range of specialist facilities with their research project supervisor and supported by a team of technicians.  We have dedicated research facilities offering  state-of-the-art neuroimaging:  EEG, TMS, tDCS, fNIRS, Eyelink 1000 eye-tracking and virtual reality systems.  We have equipment for biophysical recording, an extensive library of psychological assessments, and suites for data analysis and for video and audio recordings. 

Baby lab
Our family friendly Baby Lab with infant and child EEG, fNIRS and eye-tracking systems enables us to conduct comprehensive studies of early brain development during this critical period.  We also have mobile eye-tracking equipment so that we can investigate child development outside the lab in ‘real-world’ settings.