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Postgraduate taught courses

Our postgraduate courses have a strong emphasis on diversity, community, and critical thinking. Our graduates leave with life-long skills and clear pathways into employment.

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About our courses

Our postgraduate courses fall into two discipline domains: Psychological Sciences; and Psychological Wellbeing and Resilience. The Psychological Science courses, MSc Psychology and MSc Clinical and Community Psychology, integrate expertise across a range of disciplines from theoretical to psychology to professional practice. Our other taught postgraduate courses focus on wellbeing and resilience. These enable practitioners to enhance the quality of life for individuals and group communities who are facing personal or collective challenges.

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Engagement with community

Community engagement sits at the heart of the University of East London’s culture and pedagogical provision. Our postgraduate programmes reflect this philosophy.  We combine cutting edge evidence-based theoretical developments, and their application to real life issues, with promoting a sense of civic engagement and active citizenship within community settings.  The UEL London Scholars scheme represents a flagship of this underpinning commitment for the provision of enriched learning experience.  The scheme offers funds to psychological projects based on collaborations between students, staff and the wider community.


The diverse spectrum of specialisms across our Postgraduate programmes attracts students from a wide range of educational journeys, cultures, and professional backgrounds.  These are students who share the same aspirations and dreams – contributing to the next generation of practicing psychologists.  Our regular series of research seminars delivered by influential figures in current academic and professional arenas offer our students further valuable opportunities for networking and establishing key relationships for their future.  

Career options

Each programme addresses practitioner – development needs and paves the way to a range of career pathways. The learning, skills and confidence acquired by students on our Postgraduate programmes reflect the knowledge and competencies required by relevant professional bodies (where such body is available) and meet the expectations of the job market.    

Students come to study with us with the desire to study a subject that they feel passionate about, wanting to make a difference and often with a professional career outcome in mind.  Many students go on to become chartered psychologists, specialising in clinical, occupational, educational or forensic psychology.  Others just have a desire to study the subject and may later go on to work in all kinds of areas such as counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, teaching, advertising, human resources, careers advice, work in the NHS, social services or prison service.

Julie Round

MSc Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

I chose UEL because of the heritage of UEL in Positive Psychology - they were the first to offer it.  The lecturers are very high quality and we have great resources available.