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Do the Green Thing

HSB and Green Impact

Here at HSB we really care about climate change and what we can do to help reduce our own carbon footprint within the School. We're committed to keeping HSB green by using less energy, recycling more and generating more innovative ideas on how to fight these environmental issues we are facing.

In past years, we have been entered into the UEL Green Impact Competition- it's an initiative set up by the National Union of Students and the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges from around the UK. 

Green Impact brings staff, students and communities together as we are all striving towards greener campuses. 

Like our students, we want to make a difference in the world and fully support actions taken towards sustainability. 

Did you know that as a School we have:

  • A Lighting & Equipment Responsibility Plan
  • Started collecting batteries for recycling
  • Signed up to the Bin the Bin campaign
  • Ensured all tea and coffee purchased is Fairtrade and that reusable cups and glasses are provided for visitors
  • Ensured all paper and envelopes are recycled or are from FSC accredited material
  • We've even created an email address so all staff can contribute ideas on how to make the School a more environmentally-friendly place

Do the green thing and help us combat climate change.