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Resources and Facilities

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Our Resources and Facilities

Providing excellent academic resources for all students is a priority for the university and both the Docklands and Stratford campuses boast 24/7 libraries with purpose built study spaces and computer clusters. 

The School of Health, Sport and Bioscience is split across the University of East London's two campuses, Docklands and Stratford- the heart of east London.

Both Campuses house 24 hour libraries and we have in excess of 300,000 books, journals and audio-visual resources which are available all day every day, giving our students an exhaustive collection to draw from, as well as study spaces, breakout rooms and free wifi for all students.

Stratford campus also houses a computer and conferencing centre, cafes, the student union, and our purpose built Clinical Education Centre- for our professional health sciences students.

Docklands campus is home to our £21 million SportsDock, which is where our lucky sports science students get the majority of their lessons taught. They get to take advantage of state-of the art facilities all explained below.

Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences Facilities

UEL houses both Exercise Physiology labs and Biomechanics labs serviced by full-time laboratory technicians. The Exercise Physiology laboratory can be controlled for temperature and humidity. This facility allows the assessment of fitness components from those that are vital for every day health to those important for elite performance. The facilities within the laboratory allow for a breadth of assessments, dependent on individual needs. Central to the laboratory is a HP Cosmos Saturn treadmill, which is used for walking and running assessments, but which can also accommodate bicycles and wheelchairs. This treadmill has the capacity to go 50 km/h and at an incline of 25%. Cardiovascular fitness can be assessed using a Cosmed K5 or Carefusion CPET  expired gas analysis and is most commonly used during a VO2max test. Further testing is available in the labs, including blood lactate, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, haemoglobin and creatinie kinease measurements. Fully equipped biomedical analytical laboratories are also available elsewhere on the Stratford campus offer more extensive forms of analysis.

Multiple ergometers such as bike, rowing machines, arm cranks and wheelchair rollers allows sport-specific evaluation of cardiovascular fitness. Often in sport it is important to be able to develop power and this can be assessed using the famous Wingate cycle test, or with the Newtest, Bower and fusion Sport sprint test systems or more in field equipment such as Polar Teamwear2 or Captapult GPS systems. Assessment of health-related fitness is another main area of assessment. This might include blood pressure, body composition, strength, flexibility, lung function, nutritional status and heart rate. The Sport and Exercise Biomechanics facilities focus upon the evaluation and development of sport and exercise techniques. Facilities include: VICON 3-Dimensional motion analysis system; a number of force plates; RSscan Pressure assessment system; BIODEX Isokinetic dynamometer; Noraxon Electromyography (EMG) module’; QUINTIC 2-Dimensional video analysis system.

Professional Health Sciences Facilities

Opened in April 2006 our Centre for Clinical Education provides clinical training facilities in podiatry and physiotherapy as well as complementary and herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture. The Centre is London’s only provider of clinical and training facilities in podiatry and builds on our excellent reputation as a provider of education in physiotherapy, podiatry, sports science, professional health studies and subjects allied to medicine.

The Clinical Education Building based at Stratford campus houses the London Centre for Podiatry Education and  four large dedicated practical teaching rooms all with integrated Audio Visual displays. A working podiatry clinic,  biomechanics laboratory, orthotics manufacturing room and nail surgery suite are included  in the centre. Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Sports therapy students learn the majority of their core skills in this building which is well stocked with rehabilitation equipment and models. Students constantly report their satisfaction with the practical facilities and how much they enjoy learning in this environment. Showers, changing rooms and lockers are also provided.

Bioscience Facilities

Within the Biosciences field we have 10 teaching laboratories, 6 dedicated research laboratories and a large variety of specialist equipment suited to teaching and research in Bioscience. This includes:-

  • a high specification curved field MALDI TOF for proteomics research
  • flow cytometry equipment
  • GC-MS
  • PCR and real-time PCR
  • sequencing and equipment for ultrasound imaging
  • a new confocal microscope
  • a range of micro titre-plate readers including absorbance, scanning, fluorescence and bioluminescence machines

All laboratories have been completely refurbished. In the Pharmacology laboratory each workstation is supplied with analogue to digital data analysis equipment from ADI instruments and there is a newly-established electrophysiology laboratory equipped for patch-clamping.