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Special Educational Needs

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About Special Educational Needs

Why choose us?

We have a unique team of experienced teachers/lecturers who have a wide range of skills, experiences and knowledge in this field of study. A particular strength of the team is in its diversity and breadth of knowledge. Students wishing to follow any particular pathway in special education will find a member of the team who can advise and guide. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are interesting and varied and written specifically to reflect the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (DfE / DoH, 2015) Staff regularly keep up-to-date in their particular interest areas and undergraduate students have opportunities to experience a range of volunteering placements as part of the course.

A further strength of the programmes lies in the diversity of the students who apply to learn with us. Students come with a range of different experiences and from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries. This enriches the learning of students and lecturers alike and contributes to a fuller understanding of the special education area. Ultimately our goal is to work with our students to enable them to go on to make a unique and valuable contribution to lives of those in the areas they choose to work.

Facilities and resources

UEL provides a wide range of modern facilities to enable you to study and learn effectively. On the Stratford and Docklands sites we have excellent library services and helpful supportive librarians. Students are encouraged to network with each other and both sites provide ample opportunity and spaces for this to be achieved. UEL have a range of eating places providing for different tastes which staff and students share together. There is a dedicated ‘one stop’ information and guidance service at each campus – The Hub – offering wide support and advice, coupled with a dedicated proactive study skills team who work with students to nurture their academic skills.

Short courses and continuing professional development

Our team includes education practitioners with many years’ experience in supporting pupils with a range of Special Educational Needs. We work with schools to create bespoke Continuing Professional Development packages in the following areas:
  • Strategies to promote inclusion
  • Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Dyslexia and reading difficulties
  • Cognition and learning
  • Safeguarding and child-protection
  • The role of governors in supporting SEND and in safeguarding
  • Leadership and SEND
Our training can be adapted for senior leaders, governors, teachers, teaching assistants and parents, and can be either a one-off session or a series of workshops to build knowledge and expertise in the areas listed above.

What we're researching

The Special education team are passionate about their subject and engage in a wide range of research and study - from the writing of books, blogs, and articles, through to practical involvement in charities, schools and wider care organisations. We choose areas of study that will make a difference to the lives of others and actively seek to share that knowledge and experience with our students.

Our research in Special Educational Needs (SEN) involves several research projects across all of our research centres and groups. We have conducted research producing resources for children with Autism in the event of a fire or other emergency, learning and dyslexia and using innovative methods of education for students with disabilities.