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Information for Placement Providers

social work
Information for organisations who are interested in providing Social Work placements for students
The university would like to hear from organisations based in and just outside of the London area who are interested in offering placements to our Social Work students.  
All Social Work students are required to complete two placements, which help them link theory, research, legislation and policy to practice. 
The benefits to you:
  • You will have extra support for your client group and an opportunity to develop and train the Social Workers of the future.  
  • We can offer placement providers £10* for each day the student completes on placement and regular support through the year for onsite supervisors. 
*If you have a qualified Practice Educator onsite to supervise the student, we can offer you £20 for each day the student completes on placement.  You can then split the fee with the Practice Educator internally. 

Information about the placements
When: The placements usually commence in October and January of each year.
Duration: Placements are for 70 or 100 days. Students in their final year of studies must complete 100 days on placement, the others complete 70 days.  
Students would need an onsite supervisor to oversee the placement on a day-to-day basis. They are also responsible for providing supervision.  Students will also need a Practice Educator to oversee the Social Work aspects of the placement.  A Practice Educator is a qualified Social Worker with additional training to supervise, teach, and assess Social Work students on placement.  If you do not have anyone available to do this role, we can source someone ourselves. 
Final Year placements must have a qualified Social Worker within the organisation. 

Our requirements
We need to ensure that any placements offered to students meet the standards of UEL and our statutory regulator, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). They must also be able to offer ample opportunities for students to demonstrate capability of the Domains of the Professional Capabilities Framework.
Placement providers will need to carry out a placement risk analysis and manage any risks that may affect our students.  
Onsite Supervisors and Practice Educators are required to attend an induction session at UEL in September, prior to placements starting. 


  1. If you are interested in taking a student, please complete and return the QAPL Form.  Email the completed form to our Practice Learning mailbox Please also indicate the maximum number of students you can take in any year.  
  2. A UEL Social Work lecturer will then contact you to arrange a meeting and to visit the placement to assess its suitability.    

Matching Students to Placements

We take a variety of factors into account when matching students to placements and these include but are not limited to:
The student’s work experience to date – where possible, we try to give students experience in different sectors and with different client groups.
The student’s home - where possible we try to match students to placements which we they can get to with relative ease.  Our students live inside and outside of London. 
Student Profile Forms are sent to placement providers over the summer (for our BA Year 2, BA Year 3, and MA Year 2 students) for an October start, and in November (for our MA Year 1 students) each year for a January start. 
Agencies would liaise with Programme Leaders at UEL regarding interviews, feedback etc. 
Information sessions are held for Onsite Supervisors and Practice Educators prior to the start of the placement.  Additional CPD sessions are held throughout the year. 
If you have any questions in relation to this process, please email Practice Learning or call 0208 223 4104.