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About Education

Why choose us?

Do you want to help shape and change young lives through education? Do you have a passion for teaching? Do you want to change communities from the inside?

Our programmes are innovative and exciting, incorporating the very latest developments in the field of education. Whether you want to become a primary or secondary school teacher, improve your current qualifications or influence and shape education policy and practice, our undergraduate programme will provide you with a fantastic foundation. Developing this foundation further you can develop as an educational leader with our MA in Educational Leadership, or develop practice and research through our MA Education.

Facilities and resources

UEL provides a wide range of modern facilities to enable you to study and learn effectively. On the Stratford and Docklands sites we have excellent library services and helpful supportive librarians. Students are encouraged to network with each other and both sites provide ample opportunity and spaces for this to be achieved. UEL have a range of eating places providing for different tastes which staff and students share together. There is a dedicated ‘one stop’ information and guidance service offering wide support and advice, coupled with a dedicated proactive study skills team who work with students to nurture their academic skills.

What we're researching

The Education Studies team are passionate about their subject and constantly engaged in a wide range of research and study - from the presentation of papers at national/international conferences, writing of books, blogs, and articles etc., through to practical involvement in charities, schools and wider care organisations. We choose areas of study that will make a difference to the lives of others and actively seek to share that knowledge and experience with our students.

Our highly rated research in Education Studies is mainly hosted at The International Centre for Public Pedagogy which conducts projects on education and social justice, disaster education, internet radio, careers advice and critical pedagogy. The centre has run funded projects from the Economic and Social Research Council and the European Union.