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About Early Childhood

Why choose us?

The range of opportunities to work professionally with young children is expanding all the time. From one-to-one care and group education to specialist roles and management positions, our innovative programmes will give you a great grounding from which you can build your career in the sector. With a particular strength of the programmes being their focus on children’s rights and advocacy in a global world our Early Childhood programmes prepare you to be a thoughtful and flexible early years practitioner, working with and for children and families in a range of settings and professional roles.

Taught by a unique team of experienced lecturers with a wide range of skills, experiences and knowledge in this field of study you will come to understand that there are many different ways of understanding early childhood. We give you a range of academic and professional perspectives on childhood, then ask you to explore the deeper philosophies, beliefs and attitudes that underpin them.

Facilities and resources

UEL provides a wide range of modern facilities to enable you to study and learn effectively. On the Stratford and Docklands sites we have excellent library services and helpful supportive librarians. Students are encouraged to network with each other and both sites provide ample opportunity and spaces for this to be achieved. UEL have a range of eating places providing for different tastes which staff and students share together. There is a dedicated ‘one stop’ information and guidance service at each campus – The Hub – offering wide support and advice, coupled with a dedicated proactive study skills team who work with students to nurture their academic skills.

What we're researching

The Early Childhood team are passionate about their subject and constantly engaged in a wide range of research and study – from the writing of books, blogs, and articles etc., through to practical involvement in charities, schools and wider care organisations. We choose areas of study that will make a difference to the lives of others and actively seek to share that knowledge and experience with our students.

Some of our research in Early Childhood is hosted at The International Centre for the Study of the Mixed Economy of Childcare.  This is a multi-disciplinary research centre which brings together academics and students from across the university. This centre makes significant impacts on policy and practice in childcare.