About our School

Cass School of Education and Communities is an innovative and supportive school with a strong research culture and a reputation for providing responsive solutions to diverse educational needs. 

Our degrees and qualifications provide opportunities for a wide range of professional careers in education, early childhood, youth and community work, teacher training and social work.

 Welcome from the Head of School

Dr. Carrie Weston - Head of Cass School of Education and Communities

My staff and I welcome you to a vibrant School which links directly to local, national and international arenas in Education and Community. 
Each year we have over 1,500 students studying for undergraduate degrees in the Cass School of Education and Communities; we train more than 500 teachers and 80 social workers, and we support the continuing professional development of over 350 practicing teachers. 
We work closely with a range of employers, professional bodies and other partners to ensure our students develop the appropriate skills and knowledge to be highly employable. We warmly invite you to become a part of this thriving, growing community.

Sir John Cass Foundation

Sir John Cass's Foundation is a leading City of London based educational charity, which promotes participation and achievement in education. The Foundation takes its name from City politician and philanthropist Sir John Cass (1661-1718). 

The Foundation supports six educational institutions, including UEL, which bear the name of the founder and has provided substantial assistance to many major educational initiatives in London, including parent promoted schools, theatres, academies and universities.

The Sir John Cass Foundation has supported education in London since 1748 and delivers grant programmes for a number of organisations.The Foundation donated funds towards the School’s new state-of-the-art building which was opened by Mrs Cherie Blair in 2009.


Your experience as a student in Cass School of Education and Communities is of paramount importance to us. One of the first things you will experience when you begin your degree programme is the friendly support and personal attention of your tutors. 

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our students in order to enable each individual learner to develop academically and personally. You will benefit from a comprehensive learning support system including inspiring lectures and seminars, which are lively, highly participative and interactive, encouraging students to challenge ideas and beliefs.

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