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Humanities and Creative Industries

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From advertising to journalism, from creative writing to history, our stimulating courses will inspire your imagination and talent, preparing you for a rewarding working life in the cultural and creative industries.
  • producing high flyers

    We prepare you with hands-on experience of the world of work. It’s no coincidence that our graduates include a newspaper editor, an advertising entrepreneur and a TV scriptwriter.
  • good career move

    Our work placements reflect our excellent reputation and contacts, like our History students helping aboard the Steam Ship Robin project or journalism students learning at the BBC.
  • supportive academics

    Within a friendly and supportive environment, our internationally respected academic team will push your boundaries and maximise your potential.

Why us?

You could be working on a placement at a newspaper, advertising agency or museum. Or writing sports reports from Wembley. Or publishing your literary work through our magazine, Unbound. Or soaking up knowledge from world-renowned experts in their field. The point is, you don’t just study our courses, you live them.
Our courses cover a broad range of disciplines but share a common core - a desire to get you critically involved in the heart of your subject. That includes learning from internationally respected scholars, active researchers and leading professional practitioners.
We believe in the ‘doing’ as much as the theory. So, you’ll engage in work-based learning projects and placements and have access to excellent resources such as film studios, printmaking workshops, a multimedia production centre and a writing centre. You’ll engage in debate and discussion with tutors, students and visiting experts.
We’ll prepare you for an exciting work and creative life, following in the footsteps of our many graduates who have gone on to enjoy huge success across a variety of fields.

Learning By Doing

UEL has been an incredible experience for me. I came into my own as a writer here, and as a person, too. UEL gave me the confidence, experience and knowledge to pursue the things I am passionate about. It values so much more than just marks.

Samantha Dodd , BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing
Samantha Dodd

What we’re researching

UEL's research in areas of cultural and media studies, cultural history and memory studies is considered to be of ground-breaking significance.

Much of our historical research is channeled through our association with the internationally renowned Raphael Samuel History Centre.

For instance, Dr Toby Butler, History Course Leader, worked with the centre to direct a major heritage project about the 1943 Bethnal Green tube shelter tragedy, which claimed 173 lives. Some of his students were closely involved with the work, interviewing and recording the memories of the survivors of Britain’s worst single civilian disaster.

We’ve also been pioneering methods to improve the way people with learning disabilities can explore and engage with museums and artefacts. Our research project has been so successful it was shortlisted for a prestigious national award.

Some of our staff members make an impact well beyond the campus. Take our sports journalism course leader, Dr Carrie Dunn, who was recently asked by the Football Association to conduct a project on countering discrimination against women in the game.

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