Our Staff

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Below is a full list of Arts and Digital Industries staff along with their profile and some of their work.

Dean’s Office

DeanSimon Robertshaw

Associate Dean (External Development) – Paul Springer
Associate Dean (Academic) – Mark Dunford
Director of Learning & Teaching – Andy Rees
Head of Humanities and Director of Research  – Stephen Maddison
School Business Manager – Esme Godden
Assistant School Business Officer – Eunice Arkhurst
Assistant School Business Officer – Buky Osifeso
ADI Events and Outreach Officer – Maria Bozin
Head of Technical Resources – David Ring

Subject Heads
Art and Design
Humanities and Creative Industries
Fashion and Textiles
Media and Screen
Performing Arts

  Mr Peter Cobb & Dr Hedley Roberts
  Dr. Stephen Maddison
  Dr. Dorota Watson
  Mr. David Dorrington
  Dr. Sheila Preston

Programmes – Programme Leaders

Humanities & Creative Industries (HCI)
BA Advertising – Julia Dane
BA Creative & Professional Writing – Helena Blakemore
BA English Literature – Marianne Wells
BA History – Rosalind Carr
BA Journalism – Andrew Calcutt
BA Sports Journalism – Dekan Apajee/Adam Powley 

Performing Arts (PA)
BA Drama, Applied Theatre & Performance – Ananda Breed
BA Music Technology & Performance – Michael Bunce 
BA Music Performance & Production – Steve Betts
BA Dance: Urban Practice – Carla Trim-Vamben

MA Acting - Dominic Hingorani
MA Theatre Directing - Dominic Hingorani
MA Contemporary Performing Practice - Claudia Brazzale/Jorge Ramos

Art & Design (AD)
BA Graphic Design – Dan Duran
BA Fine Art – Alexis Harding
BA Photography – Minna Kantonen
BA Animation – Will Bishop-Stephens
BA Illustration – Jane Stokes

MA Fine Art - Grenville Davey 
Professional Doctorate in Fine Art - Karen Raney

Media, Communication & Screen (MS)
BSc Computer Game Development – David Dorrington
BA Computer Games Design: Story Development – Stacey Pogoda
BA Film – Lindsay Hallam/Johannes Maier 
BA Media & Communication – Kathy Walker

MA Filmmaking - David Chapman

Fashion & Textiles (FT)
BA Fashion Design – David Thomas
BA Fashion Textiles – Lesley Robertson
BA Fashion Marketing – Melanie Plank 

Technical Resources Head of Technical Resources – David Ring
Technical Support Officer – Rob Reed
Technical Associate (Multimedia Specialist in Digital & Traditional Processes) – Craig Madden
Technical Associate (Digital & Traditional Film & Photography) – Dean Todd
Technical Associate (Printed Textiles) – Emma Watson
Technical Associate (Computing/Digital Fabrication) – Fred Brown
Technical Associate (Fine Art) – Garry Doherty
Technical Associate (Fine Art) – Paul Manners
Technical Associate (Print) – Gaynor Zealy
Technical Associate (Print) – Glen Marston
Technical Associate (Print) – Zoe Hodgson
Technical Associate (3D Workshop) – Gerry Grainger
Technical Associate (Photography/Digital) – Paola Leonardi
Technical Associate (Audio & Visual Media) – Peter John Hall
Technical Associate (3D) – Mark Sowden
Technical Associate (Textile Print Room) – Rhianna Sizeland
Technical Associate (Fashion) – Karen Ferry
Technical Associate (Fashion) – Rosemary White
Technical Associate (Equipment Store) – Salma Vohra
Technical Assistant (Stores) - Rolle Stephen
Technical Assistant (Evening Support) - Ratan Phamber
Technical Assistant Karina Townsend
Technical Demonstrator – Jonathan Bell
Technical Facilities Officer - Mortazavi-Alavi Reza
Wood & Metal Technician – Daryl Brown
Wood & Metal Technician – David Morgan

Academic registry

Registry School Office Manager - Caroline Sims
Registry School Administrator - Chloe Ryan
Registry School Administrator - Rugeena Khanom
Registry School Administrator - Mayuri Jobanputra
Registry School Administrator - Sabiha Daria

All ADI Staff

Mr Allen Tim Senior Lecturer
Mr Apajee Dekanrao Lecturer
Miss Arkhurst Eunice Assistant School Business Officer
Mr Atkins Tim Reader
Ms Baker Wendy Lecturer
Dr Barker Leon Technician Part Time Technical Assistant - Multimedia Design Technician - For UELPS Ltd, 
Dr Barnfield Graham Senior Lecturer
Ms Barr Sophie Hourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Barrett Martin Senior Lecturer
Mr Barrett Stephen Lecturer
Miss Basra Ravinder Lecturer
Mr Bell Jonathan Technical Demonstrator (Music)
Mr Betts Stephen Senior Lecturer
Mr Bishop Stephens William Senior Lecturer
Dr Blackford Catherine Senior Lecturer
Ms Blakemore Helena Senior Lecturer
Dr Branch Andrew Senior Lecturer
Dr Brauer Fay Professor
Dr Brazzale Claudia Lecturer
Ms Breed Ananda Reader
Mr Brown Frederick Technical Associate
Mr Brown Daryl Technical Assistant (Wood & Metal)
Mr Bunce Michael Senior Lecturer
Dr Butler Toby Reader and Programme Leader
Mrs Carey Emma Senior Lecturer
Dr Carr Rosalind Senior Lecturer
Ms Carter Helen Senior Lecturer
Ms Castelyn Sarahleigh Senior Lecturer
Dr Cawkwell Yumi Hara Senior Lecturer
Dr Chapman David Senior Lecturer
Mr Choksi Ajay Technical Assistant
Mr Clark Jonathan Senior Lecturer
Mr Cobb Peter Subject Area Director
Dr Cockram John Senior Lecturer
Mr Coker Marc Senior Lecturer
Ms Cook Julie Senior Lecturer
Mrs Court Caryl Senior Lecturer
Dr Calcutt (Cuthbert) Andrew Principal Lecturer
Dr Dane Julia Senior Lecturer
Ms Danicic Amanda Senior Lecturer
Dr Daniels Jill Senior Lecturer
Miss Davey Katharine Senior Lecturer
Mr Davey Grenville Senior Lecturer
Mr De Ledesma Charles Senior Lecturer
Miss De Souza Pauline Senior Lecturer
Ms Deegan Simone Senior Lecturer
Mr Doherty Garry Technical Associate
Mr Dorrington David Head of Media Communication and Screen Studies
Miss Duffy Nicola Student Futures Ambassador
Dr Dunford Mark Associate Dean
Dr Dunn Caroline Senior Lecturer
Mr Duran Dan
Senior Lecturer
Mr Ellis Jeff Senior Lecturer
Ms Fearon Pauline Writing Centre Tutor
Miss Fong Victoria Senior Lecturer
Mr Forrester James Technical Assistant
Mr Foster Timothy Principal Lecturer
Dr Fotaris Panagiotis Senior Lecturer
Ms Francis Amanda Senior Lecturer
Dr Garrett Roberta Senior Lecturer
Mr Georgeson Michael Senior Lecturer
Dr Gilbert Jeremy Professor
Mr Gill Edward Senior Lecturer
Dr Gormley Paul Principal Lecturer
Mr Grainger Gerald Technical Associate
Dr Great-Rex Eric Senior Lecturer
Mr Greenleaf Paul Hourly Paid Lecturer
Ms Godden Esme School Business Manager
Mr Hall Peter A/V Media Technical Associate
Mr Hall Ralph Senior Lecturer
Dr Hallam Lindsay Senior Lecturer
Mr Harding Alexis Senior Lecturer
Dr Hardy Jonathan Professor
Mr Harries Guy Senior Lecturer
Mr Heaney Martin Lecturer
Mr Hedges Russell Senior Lecturer
Ms Hepburn Marian Senior Lecturer
Dr Hingorani Dominic Reader
Dr Hodgkin Katharine Professor
Ms Hodgson Zoe Technical Associate
Mr Hoshino Takuro Senior Lecturer
Mr Hunter Joe Senior Lecturer
Miss Kantonen Minna Programme Leader- Photography
Dr Kasapi Eleni Senior Lecturer ADI
Miss Katsouraki Eve Senior Lecturer
Mrs Kerai Kanchan Administrator/PA
Mr Kerr Gordon Senior Lecturer
Mrs Kwiatkowska Gosia Senior Lecturer
Dr Lawrence Tim Professor
Mr Le Kent Lecturer
Miss Lehtonen Jenni Technical Assistant - Photography
Mr Leinfellner Richard Senior Lecturer
Ms Leonardi Paola Technical Associate in Digital Photography
Ms Lifschitz Sharon Hourly Paid Lecturer
Dr Logue Lesley Senior Lecturer
Mr Madden Craig Technical Assistant - General
Dr Maddison Stephen Head of Humanities and Director of Research
Ms Maelzer Lee Senior Lecturer
Dr Maier Johannes Senior Lecturer
Mr Manners Paul Technical Associate
Ms Maria Primiano Joanne Technical Assistant
Mr Marston Glen Technical Associate
Ms Martinez-Aleman Carmen Senior Lecturer
Ms McWatt Tessa Reader
Dr Memou Antigoni Senior Lecturer
Ms McGuire Emma Lecturer
Mr Miles Simon Senior Lecturer
Mr Minnion Andrew Professor
Ms Mitchell Jacqueline Senior Lecturer
Ms Mooney Sian-Kate Senior Lecturer
Prof Morey Peter Professor
Mr Morgan David Technical Assistant (Wood & Metal)
Mr Mortazavi-Alavi Reza Technical Facilities Officer
Ms Muradi Sara Assistant School Business Officer
Mr Nicholson Robert Senior Lecturer
Mr Osborne Joseph Technician - Games and Digital Media
Ms Pettit Katy Part Time Administrator
Ms Pezeron Valerie Senior Lecturer
Mr Phamber Ratan Technical Assistant (Evening Support)
Dr Pinsky Michael Reader
Ms Pogoda Stacey Senior Lecturer
Ms Pottenkulam Pooja Lecturer
Mr Powley Adam Lecturer
Ms Prasad Sylvia Senior Lecturer
Dr Preston Sheila Head of Performing Arts
Ms Pybus Joanna Technical Assistant
Mr Pyecroft-Rainbow Robert Senior Lecturer
Ms Qualmann Clare Senior Lecturer
Mr Ramos Jorge Senior Lecturer
Ms Raney Karen Senior Lecturer
Ms Read Jo Lecturer
Dr Reddington Helen Senior Lecturer
Mr Reed Robert Technical Services Officer
Mr Rees Andrew Leader in Learning & Teaching
Mr Ring David Technical Resource Manager
Mr Roberts Hedley Head of Art and Design
Prof Robertshaw Simon Dean of School
Ms Robertson Lesley Senior Lecturer
Mrs Robinson Laura Lecturer
Ms Robinson Anna Senior Lecturer
Mr Rolle Stephen Technical Assistant - Stores
Dr Sampson Tony Reader
Ms Sapsford Si Senior Lecturer
Miss Saward Charlotte Project and Communications Officer
Mr Sharma Ashwani Principal Lecturer
Mr Sharpe Richard Senior Lecturer
Dr Shaw Debra Reader
Dr Smith Paul Senior Lecturer
Mr Sharpe Richard Senior Lecturer
Ms Shonibare-Lewis Kayode Lecturer
Mr Shoop Jonathan Lecturer
Ms Skelhorn Francesca Lecturer
Mrs Smith Kim Senior Lecturer
Prof Smith John Professor
Dr Sotelo-Castro Luis Senior Lecturer
Mr Sowden Mark Technical Associate
Prof Springer Paul Associate Dean (External Development)
Dr Stephenson Andrew Subject Area Director
Ms Stockwell Susan Senior Lecturer
Dr Stokes Jane Senior Lecturer
Mr Taylor Allan Lecturer
Mr Tecklenberg Paul Senior Lecturer
Ms Terret Liselle Senior Lecturer
Mr Thomas David Senior Lecturer
Mr Todd Dean Technical Associate
Mr Tomlinson William Senior Lecturer
Miss Trim-Vamben Carla Senior Lecturer
Dr Ugba Abel Senior Lecturer
Dr Vitali Valentina Reader
Ms Townsend Karina Technical Associate
Mrs Vohra Salma Technical Associate
Ms Walker Kathleen Senior Lecturer
Ms Ward Imogen Senior Lecturer
Mrs Watson Lady Emma Technical Associate
Dr Watson Dorota Head of Fashion and Textiles
Ms Wells Marianne Senior Lecturer
Mrs White Rosemary Technical Associate
Mr Wilson Richard Research Professor
Dr Witz Teresa Senior Lecturer
Miss Yang-Williams Huan Technical Assistant - Stores
Dr Yoon Hyunsun Senior Lecturer
Ms Zealey Gaynor Technical Associate