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This group brings together international researchers in different areas of Software Engineering research:

Academic Staff

  • Dr Paolo Falcarin (Head of Group): Software Engineering, Software Protection
  • Dr Andres Baravalle: Web and Cloud Security, Data Science
  • Dr Shareeful Islam: Security and Privacy Requirements, Risk Management
  • Dr Fahimeh Jafari: Distributed Systems, Performance Analysis, Optimization
  • Dr Amin Karami: Network Security, Big Data, Internet of Things
  • Dr Ameer al Nemrat: Digital Forensics, CyberCrime, Information Security
  • Dr John Noll: Global Software Engineering, Open Source Software Development

Research Assistants

  • Alessandro Cabutto: Code Mobility and Diversity, Android Security
  • Dr Gaofeng Zhang: Cloud Computing, Security Modelling

PhD Students

  • Raghavender Rao Jadhav Balaji: Malicious Web Ads 
  • Rabiu Mukhtar: Dark Web
  • Umar Mukhtar Ismail: Cloud Security
  • Fitwi Kebede: Mobile Security

Former Members

Haris Mouratidis, Cornelia Boldyreff, Andrea CapiluppiChristophe TartaryElena Gomez-Martinez