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Mechanical Engineering

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Engineers design and make many of the products and objects we use every day, from cars and trains to tablets and smartphones. If you’re inventive and ambitious to make your mark, show us what you’re made of one of our exciting engineering courses. 
  • perfect place to study

    You can enhance your learning through our programme of expert guest lectures and site visits. You’ll see how engineering theory is put into practice in one of Europe’s biggest regeneration areas - right on your doorstep.
  • superb facilities

    You’ll enjoy superb, up-to-date facilities, including CAD suites, a control and power electronics lab and an electrical principles and electronics lab.
  • our students love us

    Our students love our courses. We know this because they gave us a 100 per cent ‘overall satisfaction’ rating in the 2014 National Student Survey.

Why us?

UEL engineering graduates have a strong track record of finding work with leading companies, including Hitachi, Atkins, GE (Malaysia) and the Atomic Energy Authority. Why? Just look at our teaching quality, facilities and constantly evolving course content and you’ll find the answer.

You'll benefit from an academic team that boasts high-calibre industrial experience and a track record of leading research. And you'll learn in superbly equipped laboratories that are among the best you'll find in any university in the country.

If mechanical engineering is your passion, we’ll give you a broad grounding in all of the profession’s major areas. After graduating, you’ll be well on your way to a stimulating engineering career in planes, trains and automobiles – or whatever sector interests you most.

On all of our courses, our strong links with industry mean that you’ll be well placed to find work experience, or you can take the option of a year’s placement to develop your practical skills and boost your CV.

Learning By Doing

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and intellectually demanding branches involving advanced technology and professional skills. It's concerned with motion and the processes whereby other energy forms are converted into motion.

Mechanical engineers are responsible for conceiving, designing, manufacturing, testing and marketing devices and systems that alter, transfer, transform and utilise the energy forms that cause motion. A mechanical engineer is something of a jack-of-all-trades with problem solving and analytical abilities. This makes a mechanical engineer a multi-skilled employee.

Dr Subramaniam Arunachalam , Mechanical Engineering, BEng (Hons) Course Leader
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What we're researching

Our academic team are researching a wide range of areas in this fertile field. Engineers try to make things work better and more efficiently and our researchers are helping to lead the way in a number of areas, including communications technology and environmental engineering.

Never mind 4G, Senior Lecturer Dr Jaswinder Lota is researching networks for 5G and beyond, along with developing and designing circuits and systems for communication technologies. His research is in collaboration with University College London.

Senior Lecturer Dr Ken Yeo has research interests in mobile communications and radio frequencies, while Senior Lecturer Dr Andrew Chanerley is applying new methods to recover further information from seismic data.

Electrical Engineering


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