Superscript and Subscript

After an unprecedented and transformational year 2021  2021. ( Superscript) 


The University of East London is looking ahead to a brighter 2021 2021. (Subscript) 

We've adapted our processes, streamlined our courses and worked alongside industry to offer career-focused teaching that will give you the skills and creativity to remain adaptable in a rapidly changing world.



Lists and Sublists

  • At University of East London we are working on the some of the big issues that will define our future;
  • Our students and academics are more critically engaged and socially conscious than ever before
  • Discover some of the positive changes our students, alumni and academics are making in the world
    • from sustainable architecture and ethical AI
    • to health inequality
    • and breaking down barriers in the creative industries  these include:-
      • Fashion
      • Media and journalism
      • Performing arts


  • Make a positive change in 2021. #Bethenext to study at the University of East London and make positive change a reality in 2021. Together we can change the world.


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