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Reading the space of Deptford High Street

Swarming Agents reading the space of Deptford; an exploratory study by Jermaine Clarke as part of his diploma work. The agents (programmed in AutoCAD VBA) are initialised at roughly equal intervals along Deptford high street, and are tightly linked to each other by the swarming mechanism. The emergent ‘reading’ after many thousands of steps seems to illustrate a special kind of cognition where the street façade becomes visible even though in reality this drawing souse not contain any plan information, just the accumulated tracks of the agents. It is also a beautiful drawing (we think).

Developing an intervention strategy for the Kings Cross Railway Lands.

Animation of the diploma work of Corinna Simon (Unit 6 2000) shows the emergent pattern of clustering of swarming agents of 4 use types, interacting with a evolving L-System of connected plates. The two systems develop a structural coupling where the l-system (which is metaphorically a services/infrastructure system) evolves to cover the agent markers (coloured circles in the animation). Any markers covered by the L-system are given special attractiveness to the agents who cluster around dropping more markers, hence reinforcing the infrastructure systems presence. The aim was to develop an intervention strategy for the Kings Cross Railway Lands.