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The research group on Historical Justice and Human Rights aims to bring together scholars who are working in the related issues of legal history, transitional justice, law and memory and human rights.

The research group has a research agenda in the area of human rights and historical justice taking an interdisciplinary approach to issues of past human rights abuses through an exploration of memory, narratives, transitional justice and reconciliation. It combines interests in jurisprudence, social and cultural theory with policy-relevant research. It brings together scholars working in the areas of legal history, law and postcolonialism and, transitional justice. The theme of human rights and historical justice builds on work in the Middle East, Cambodia, the Balkans, Ireland, Spain, Australia and Cyprus and aims to offer an intellectual linkage in tackling theoretical and practical challenges in addressing past wrongs in the context of building justice-based societies.

The group seeks to participate in research networks working on the theme in the university, nationally and internationally. The research group operates under the auspices of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict. Members of the research group on Historical Justice and Human Rights are John Strawson, Chandra Lekha Sriram, Johanna Herman and Barry Collins.