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SSE group members are involved in Program Committees of many International Conferences, such as ESEM, SPRO, ICSR.
Many group members are also reviewers of relevant international journals: Journal of Systems and Software, Information and Software Technology, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing. 

Selected publications are listed below, while the full list can be searched and downloaded from the UEL repository.

  • M Ceccato, P Tonella, C Basile, B Coppens, B De Sutter, P Falcarin, M Torchiano (2017): How professional hackers understand protected code while performing attack tasks. In Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC-2017), Best paper award.
  • S Islam, S Fenz, E Weippl, H Mouratidis (2017): A Risk Management Framework for Cloud Migration Decision Support. In Journal of Risk and Financial Management 10 (2).
  • M Ceccato, P Falcarin, A Cabutto, YW Frezghi, CA Staicu (2016): Search Based Clustering for Protecting Software with Diversified Updates. In International Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering (SSBSE-2016), 159-175, Springer.
  • C Benzaid, K Lounis, A Al-Nemrat, N Badache, M Alazab (2016): Fast authentication in wireless sensor networks. In Future Generation Computer Systems 55, 362-375, Elsevier.
  • F Jafari, A Jantsch, Z Lu (2016): Weighted Round Robin Configuration for Worst-Case Delay Optimization in Network-on-Chip. In IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 24(12), pp. 3387-3400.
  • A Baravalle, MS Lopez, SW Lee (2016): Mining the Dark Web: Drugs and Fake Ids. In IEEE Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW).
  • M Ceccato, A Capiluppi, P Falcarin, C Boldyreff (2015): A large study on the effect of code obfuscation on the quality of java code. In Empirical Software Engineering, 20 (6), ISSN 1486-1524, Springer.
  • S Islam, M Ouedraogo, C Kalloniatis, H Mouratidis, S Gritzalis (2015): Assurance of Security and Privacy Requirements for Cloud Deployment Model. In IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.
  • F Jafari, Z Lu, A Jantsch (2015): Least Upper Delay Bound for VBR Flows in Networks-on-Chip with Virtual Channels. In IEEE Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, 20(3).
  • A Karami, M Guerrero-Zapata (2015): An ANFIS-based cache replacement method for mitigating cache pollution attacks in Named Data Networking. In Computer Networks, 80(April), pp. 51-65, Elsevier.
  • A Karami (2015). ACCPndn: adaptive congestion control protocol in named data networking by learning capacities using optimized time-lagged feedforward neural network. In Journal of Network and Computer Applications 56, 1-18, Elsevier.
  • H Jordan, G Botterweck, J Noll, A Butterfield, R Collier (2015). A feature model of actor, agent, functional, object, and procedural programming languages. In Science of Computer Programming 98, 120-139, Elsevier.
  • A Avritzer, S Beecham, J Kroll, DS Menasché, J Noll, M Paasivaara (2014). Survivability models for global software engineering. In IEEE 9th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE).