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Mental Health & Social Change Research Group

The Psychology and Social Change Research Group aims to be a leading national and international research hub for psychological research with an emphasis and commitment to social change. This is a broad overarching theme for the Group, and involves diverse and varied activity across theoretical and methodological arenas, and driven by a number of different topic areas. To this end the group takes a leading role in developing research in the areas of ‘politics, community and society’, ‘health and technologies’, and with a continual focus on issues of ‘social equality and justice, security and human rights’.

The group has a firm commitment to interdisciplinarity, working with colleagues from sociology, psychosocial studies, education, social work, geography, cultural and media studies. The group utilises and develops a broad range of analytic methodologies, including discursive and narrative approaches, visual methods and spatial analytics. The group aims to develop innovative theoretical solutions when understanding empirical problems that although broad, all focus to some degree on understanding the multiple relationships between psychological and social realms of experience. To this end the group supports a number of international and national collaborations, and members are involved in work across policy, applied and academic settings.


Key objectives are:

  • to take an applied focus in using theory, research and methodology to impact on social change and quality of life;
  • to develop interdisciplinary approaches that draw on a number of theoretical resources (social theory, process philosophy, critical psychology, feminist theory, embodiment and affect theory);
  • to use and develop a range of methodological approaches including critical and discursive approaches, visual methods, and digital tools.

Group members take leading roles in the discipline of psychology and beyond, including BPS Section Committee membership, journal editorial board membership, RCUK grant reviewing, and keynote national and international conference talks. See a full list of group members.

Current Projects

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Research Students

We foster a supportive environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate research students.