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Key Publications

Key NRU Publications, Important Reviews and Searching Information

Desowska A and Turner DL. (2019) Dynamics of functional connectivity in the brain following stroke. Review in the Neurosciences 30: 605-623.

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“The UK Roadmap for Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2015” (2015) InnovateUK / Technology Strategy Board.  

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Original Research Articles:

Mehler D, Williams A, Whittaker J, Krause F, Luhrs M, Kunas S, Wise RJ, Shetty H, Turner DL, and Linden DEJ (2020). Graded fMRI neurofeedback training of motor imagery in middle cerebral artery stroke patients: A pre-registered proof-of-concept study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14: 226.

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