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Infection and Immunity Research Group (IIRG)

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About us

Research within the Infection and Immunity group explores the interactive role between the host immune response and pathogen thereby elucidating mechanisms that may play a role in causing disease pathologies. Our multidisciplinary team provides a broad mixture of skills enabling us to synergistically deliver our research aims. Our group provides a forum supporting a broad range of related research areas recognised both nationally and internationally. This in turn has resulted in several fruitful collaborative links with prestigious institutions around the globe. Through working as a research-oriented group, we provide a scientifically stimulating environment to enhance and benefit the experience of our post-graduate research students.

 - Our focus is primarily elucidation of the mechanisms that underpin the development of the immune system and the function of the immune response at both cellular and acellular levels.

 - Investigation of potential virulence factors and other mechanisms utilised by pathogens compared to their less virulent environmental counterparts.

 - Assessment of interactions between host and pathogens that might influence clinical consequences or likelihood of infection.


The group is co-ordinated by Sally Cutler with the following staff members actively contributing: Stefano Casalotti; David Guiliano; David Rowley; Claudio Scotti; Lesley Smyth; Abdessamad Ababou; Amrutha Chilumuri; Eva Galante; Hanieh Khalili; Hermine Mkrtchyan; Jose Saldana; Maria Teresa Esposito; Michael Seed; Natividad Garrido Mesa; Alessia Taccogna; Andy Kumar; Charlotte Evans; Elisa Salis; Monica Sen; Irada Asadova; Martina Neville; Rory Cave; Sinosha Paralikar; Sivanjaa Manoj.

Dr Stefano Casalotti
Dr Stefano Casalotti
Dr Stefano Casalotti
Dr Stefano Casalotti
Dr Stefano Casalotti

Recent publications

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  • 2009 - Nuffield vacation studentship characterising a Rickettsial species found in the African soft tick Ornithodoros moubata. Funded £1500. [Cutler]
  • 2009 - Wellcome Trust Value in People Award (VIP). UCL/Wellcome Trust £26,474 [Outram]
  • 2009 - The regulation of early thymocyte development by morphogen signalling. BBSRC Standard proposal £512,000 [Outram]
  • 2006/2009 - Connexin composition in the inner ear. BBSRC £350,000 [Casalotti]
  • 2009 - Relapsing fever Borrelia in Ethiopian lice and ticks. SGM £2945 [Cutler]
  • 2011 - Changes in gene expression related to drug addiction. Start up research grant UEL £2,000 [Stefano Casalotti]
  • 2011 - Rickettsia in soft ticks. UEL Research Development Funding £5000 [Cutler]
  • 2011 - In situ typing of leptospirosis among UK wildlife. Nuffield vacation studentship. £1588 [Cutler]
  • 2011 - The role of Hedgehog signalling in T cell activation and proliferation. UEL start up grant £2000 [Outram]
  • 2011 - Virulence factors in Arcobacter. UEL Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme, £ 2,000 [Scotti]
  • 2011 - Do Leptospira spp. in environmental and wildlife pose a risk to human or veterinary health? UEL Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme £2000 [Cutler]
  • 2011 - Children’s Center for Immunology and Vaccines (CCIV) Pilot Award, Emory University in collaboration with T. Lamb (Emory) and J. Mead (CDC) $50,000 [Guiliano]
  • 2012 - Investigation into the role of Sonic Hedgehog in B cell development using microarray gene analysis. Early Career Research Award (ECRA) £9710 [Outram]
  • 2012 - Development of a novel probiotic vaccine delivery system. Early Career Research Award (ECRA) £8317 [Guiliano]
  • 2012 - UEL summer internship – Bartonella in head lice (2012 £2000) [Cutler]  
  • 2013 - SfAM Students into work (2013 £2500) [Cutler]  
  • 2013 - UEL School-funded PhD studentship; 3 years. [Cutler; Guiliano; Scotti]