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Creating and maintaining a healthy Stratford City

Stratford City

Creating and maintaining a healthy Stratford City: Principles and practices for success

Start Date:  August 2009   End Date:  Sept 2010   Status: Completed


The Athletes village in the Olympic Park will be a new mixed tenured housing development in the East End of London post the 2012 Olympic Games. Key features of the development will include international and national rail links, sporting legacy buildings, mixed land use (e.g. retail, leisure and housing) and socially mixed residents, including young and single parent families and ethnic diversity. This 'Stratford City' project provides a unique opportunity for NHS Newham to work creatively with public, private and community organisations and research evidence to put in place strategies, structures and working practices to address persistent health problems and to ensure the development creates a health promoting environment. Research into the health and well-being effects of planned mixed communities and urban regeneration is currently lacking and what exists is fragmentary and has not yet been brought together in a systematic way.


This project aimed to review existing evidence and build new evidence to inform strategic planning, needs assessment and operational design and delivery of services to support the achievement of an Olympic health legacy for those living and working in the area.


Principles for best practice were built from:

  • a review of reviews of evidence drawn from international and national studies of health improvement through regeneration and urban planning;
  • a systematic review of studies on planned mixed communities; and
  • primary research in new mixed communities (Greenwich Village and East Manchester) to find out what lessons policy makers and practitioners, and their partners, have learned through their experience in designing health improvement into these communities and through designing and delivering health and other services for them.

Main Findings:


The findings of this project will help developers to maximise the proposed benefits of the new mixed tenure housing development and will contribute to securing the a healthy legacy from the 2012 Olympics.

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Project Lead:

Alice Sampson      Angela Harden

Alice Sampson (left) and Professor Angela Harden

Project Team:  Alice Sampson, Dr Patrick Tobi, Professor Adrian Renton, Yang Li, Allan Brimicombe, Professor Angela Harden, Dr Ilona Boniwell, Kevin Sheridan, Faye Adams-Eaton, Dr Marcello Bertotti, Shahana Lais, Jane Stokes, Hippolina Joseph,

Funder: Project initiated by NHS Newham with Section 106 funding

Project Partners: UEL Centre for Institutional Studies; UEL Centre for Geo-Information Studies; UEL School of Psychology

Report: Stratford City Research Report (pdf)

For more information, contact: Angela Harden  or Alice Sampson

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