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Healthy Redbridge 

Healthy Redbridge: A household survey, a community engagement and design process, and a mapping exercise to deliver a range of information to describe the health status and health needs of disadvantaged communities in Redbridge

Start Date:  March 2008     End Date: March 2009      Status: Completed


There is clear potential to reduce health inequalities by targeting upstream health improvement programmes on marginalised communities.  Devising context specific actions from an understanding of the local circumstances is vital if effective and sustainable change is to be achieved. Community consultations carried out in 2008 by London Health Commission with IHHD suggested that while PCTs can have quite extended portfolios of Health Improvement projects (HIP), these were often either ‘invisible’ to communities, or perceived at the community level as poorly integrated, not relevant to them, or not meeting or adequately geared to their needs.

Whilst Redbridge was not classed overall as experiencing high levels of deprivation, 2008 statistics identified a great deal of variation and inequality within the borough in relation to health and its wider determinants. In particular, four wards Hainault, Valentines, Loxford and Clementswood had high levels of deprivation and poor health. These wards, along with two smaller estates (Orchard and Tiptree) were identified as areas which would greatly benefit from an integrated approach to delivery of health promotion and health improvement interventions grounded in community needs and working with the grain of existing projects and service provision.


  • To deliver a range of information to describe the health status and health needs of disadvantaged communities in Redbridge, and the social and economic and environmental determinants of these
  • To use this information to support the design of a cross-sectoral programme of health Interventions to address health inequalities in Redbridge.
  • To use the above information to deliver a high quality community needs assessment and design process which would put in place a knowledge base, framework and programme for the PCT’s investment in HIP, to be delivered over the proceeding next 5 years.


The following three parallel streams of work and methodology were employed as part of the Healthy Redbridge Project:
  • a household survey to generate information describing community health needs, lifestyles and barriers and opportunities for healthier behaviours;
  • a community engagement and design process to engage local communities in identifying key challenges to health and interventions and activities to address these, especially in relation to healthy eating, physical activity and mental health and wellbeing; and
  • a mapping exercise of existing health improvement and health promotion activities and relevant services and amenities.

Main Findings:


UEL submitted two final reports to Redbridge PCT and Health Cluster Group in 2008. These reports presented the findings of the Survey and Community Engagement work and subsequent project recommendations. Our findings were incorporated into the Redbridge’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2008. As a result, the Healthy Redbridge project would have impacted upon borough-wide strategic design and implementation of services within Redbridge from 2008 onwards. See the Redbridge JSNA 2008  page 35.

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Project Lead: 

Professor Adrian Renton

Project Team:  

Adrian Renton (Principal Investigator),  Justine Cawley, Kevin Sheridan, Faye Adams Eaton, Ge Yu, Patrick Tobi, Elena Schmidt (Co-Investigators).

Funder: Redbridge PCT

Project Partners: Redbridge PCT


Executive Summary
Full Report
Annual Public Health Report 0809

For more information, contact:

Adrian Renton

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