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Building Asset Based Working in Health in Greenwich

Building Asset Based Working in Greenwich

Building Asset Based Working in Health in Greenwich

Start Date:  Oct 2012   End Date:  Nov 2014   Status: Completed in 2 Phases


In their report ‘A glass half-full’  Foot and Hopkins (IDeA 2010) describes asset principles as “Any resource, skill or knowledge which enhances the ability of individuals, families and neighbourhoods to sustain their health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Boards, in partnership with local Clinical Commissioning Groups, have a statutory responsibility to produce a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and a Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The Greenwich Shadow Health and Social Care Board agreed the approach for the JSNA for 2012/13 should incorporate an assets assessment. An assets based approach working group was thus established, reporting to the JSNA Steering Group, to take this aspect of the JSNA work forward.  Representatives across partners were involved.

An Asset based approach – what does this mean?
An assets approach will identify what assets are available to individuals and communities so that the community and commissioners can jointly use these assets to sustainably solve local issues and ensure that and external support (through health and wellbeing service provision) can be pursued more effectively.  The approach values the capacity, skills, knowledge, connections and potential in a community.

Assets are more than the physical assets mapped across the borough, assets also refer to:

  • The skills and resources of people and places
  • Assets of associations and institutions
  • Connections between assets  - organisational, community and individual


To support the development of a model for an assets approach for Greenwich that can be taken forward as an integral part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment process for the borough.

Specifically to:

  • Develop and apply a systematic framework to scope existing assets based work locally
  • Undertake case studies of identified exemplars
  • Elicit the views of local informants and experts in the field
  • Design a conceptual framework of assets based approaches
  • Review tools for asset based working


In order to ensure that our work was practical and rooted in Greenwich our approach was to

  • identify existing asset based practice that contributed to wellbeing in Greenwich
  • distil from this experience examples of good practice and challenge
  • consider what could be done in Greenwich as a whole to support this way of working to develop further

In the first phase of the work we interviewed eight Greenwich services or projects and then refined these down to four. We were interested in their understanding of asset based working and how their service sought to work in a way that was asset based.

We developed a simple framework to help shape our interviews with projects. As the work developed we refined this so that it can be used to provide a systematic way of assessing asset based approaches in Greenwich.

Main Findings

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Project Lead:

Kevin Sheridan (Director of Community Engagement)

Project Team: Kevin Sheridan, Patrick Tobi, Gail Findlay, Mark Gamsu

Funder: NHS Greenwich

Report: Building Asset Based Working in Greenwich Combined Report

For more information, contact: Kevin Sheridan

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