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Co-producing the Crick Living Centre

Co-producing the Crick Living Centre

Co-producing the Crick Living Centre

Start Date:  March 2013   End Date:  Sept 2013   Status: Completed


The Francis Crick Institute commissioned the Well Communities/Well London team at the Institute of Health and Human Development (IHHD) as consultants in the development of the Crick’s Living Centre.

The development of the Crick Living Centre is a unique and exciting opportunity for the Somers Town and St Pancras communities and the Francis Crick Institute is determined that the Living Centre will make a real difference in its own right, while also adding value to, and not duplicating, the wide range of good work already happening in the area and contributing to community health and well-being. To ensure the optimal positioning and maximise the contribution of the Living Centre it is essential to understand the wider context for the health and well-being of the local communities.

In line with tried and tested Well London methods, a dual purpose approach was taken in the work which both delivers the project outputs and, at the same time, helps develop local community capacity for on-going action on health and wellbeing. The IHHD team worked with local co-host organisations, both Somers Town and St Pancras Community Associations and local volunteers. The volunteers also benefit from training in community engagement/street survey techniques and Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) accredited training for local community health champions.


  • To ensure that the new opportunities created by the development of the ‘Living Centre’ are maximised and taken forward as part of a shared vision created with the community and stakeholders working to improve health and wellbeing


The Well Communities Team with local partners and volunteers:

  • Conducted doorstep surveys throughout St Pancras and Somers Town in early June 2013. Circa 400 residents filled the survey, and around 75 per cent of those answered the question "What does a healthy Somers Town (or) St Pancras community look like?"
  • Held four community cafes in Somers Town and St Pancras in mid-June 2013 where residents discussed the question above in detail. Approximately 135 residents in total took part.
  • Held a Community Action Workshop (CAW) in mid-July 2013, using an appreciative inquiry methodology. Participants included residents from both areas, reps from Crick, the community and voluntary sector, statutory bodies, and other interested parties. Around 50 people attended - approximately a quarter were residents.
  • Held a Priority and Resources workshop with key stakeholders, who were internal and external to the Crick

Main Findings:

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Project Lead:

Professor Gail Findlay, Director of Health Improvement


Kevin Sheridan, Community Engagement Lead (left) and Patrick Tobi, Mapping Team Lead (right)

Project Team: Gail Findlay, Director of Health Improvement; Kevin Sheridan, Director of Community Engagement; Patrick Tobi, Director of Research; Faye Adams-Eaton, Research Fellow; Ifeoma Dan-Ogosi, Research Assistant; Ruby Farr, Research Assistant

Funder: The Francis Crick Institute: The Francis Crick Institute is a unique partnership between the Medical Research Council (MRC), Cancer Research UK, Wellcome, UCL (University College London), Imperial College London and King's College London.

Project Partners: Somers Town and St Pancras Community Associations

Report: Final Developing the Crick Living Centre Report

For more information, contact: Gail Findlay,

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