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Evaluation of Clinical Skills Training Course for Nursing Home Staff

Evaluation of Nursing Home Training Programme

Evaluation of Clinical Skills Training Course for Nursing Home Staff

Start Date:  Jan 2017   End Date:  March 2017   Status: Completed


The intention is to provide a formative evaluation for a bespoke, evidence based training programme delivered to nursing and care staff in six nursing homes. The elements of training which are to be delivered have been carefully chosen to reflect the specific issues and needs arising from the nursing home review (e.g. falls, dementia, managing challenging behaviour, end of life planning and diabetes).

This will be delivered locally at the six named nursing homes (in accordance with the training needs captured from the review); offering two training dates for each subject area at each site, to allow for every member of staff to attend. Staff will also have opportunity to attend at another nursing home if they are unable to do so at their place of work.

The programme will provide training to registered nurses and healthcare assistants within the homes, however sessions will also be open to family and carers (where appropriate), community staff such as rapid response teams and community matrons, social care staff, pharmacists and more.


Evidence the benefits of commissioning bespoke training to support nursing home staff in their CPD to better care and support service users experiencing complex health needs (and dementia) in the London Borough of Newham and to develop an ongoing and sustainable bespoke training offer by nurturing training champions in each site.


  • Online questionnaire pre-mid-post with learners
  • Focus group with learners exploring what does success look like?
  • Telephone interviews with key stakeholders focused on the design and delivery of the bespoke training package.
  • Nursing home monitoring form identifying hospital admissions and ambulance call-out e.g. suspected health condition, diagnosed condition, and length of stay in hospital, return date and associated complications.
  • Home Care Manager.
  • Desktop research capturing baseline data e.g. learners qualification, ethnic backgrounds, rates and causes of death at homes.

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Project Lead:

Dr Darren Sharpe

Partner: Darren Sharpe

Funder: Newham CCG

For more information, contact: Darren Sharpe

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