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Health Promotion and Behaviour Research Group


The Health Promotion and Behaviour Research Group examines health behaviour and outcomes from a combination of psychological, social and biological perspectives. The group, led by Dr Caroline Edmonds, contains two research units.

The Hydration, Nutrition and Cognition Research Unit (led by Dr Caroline Edmonds) focuses on issues around the impact of hydration and nutrition on cognitive processes in adults and children.

The Post-Traumatic Growth Research Unit (led by Kate Hefferon) takes a positive psychology approach to health-related research, with a focus on measuring and understanding psychological wellbeing.

Other active group members include Dr Ken Gannon, who is exploring psychological aspects of prostate cancer and lower urinary tract symptoms. Professor Mark McDermott is exploring individual differences in rebelliousness; and Dr James Walsh is doing work on mindfulness as a way of helping health outcomes.  See a full list of group members.

Current Projects

See a full list of our current projects.