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Dr. Paula Booth is interested in the effects of dehydration and fluid consumption on cognitive performance and mood in children, adults and older adults. Paula is currently involved in the Water Only Schools project (add link). In addition, she carries out research studying attitudes towards food, drink and cigarettes.

Dr. Moreno Coco focuses on the interplay of attention and memory in healthy and neuro-degenerate populations (e.g., Alzheimer).

Dr. Miha Constantescu is exploring gender differences in bulimia.

Dr. Mary-Jane Budd has a range of research interests including: the effects of vaping and nicotine use on attention using EEG; word recognition in dyslexia; the relationship between body satisfaction and attentional bias to underweight and overweight body images using behavioural and EEG methods and the relationship between social media use and life satisfaction, negative effect, and social comparison.

Dr. Dominic Conroy focuses on the experiences of non-drinking behaviour and of dark triad personality traits as predictors of health behaviour.

Dr. Caroline Edmonds’ work focuses on two major research areas. One major theme is the effect of hydration and drinking water on cognitive performance and mood, in both groups “at risk” of dehydration (such as children and older adults), and the typical population. Fundamental work has concentrated on the parameters of the effect of water supplementation on cognitive performance, including the particular cognitive processes affected and mechanistic explanations. This research has provided foundations for applied research, for example the association between fluid availability and students’ performance in exams. Caroline is involved in the ‘Water Only School’ project (see link). A second major theme is long term neurodevelopmental outcome after early difficulties (see link).

Dr. Kenneth Gannon is exploring issues in men’s health, psychological aspects of prostate cancer and psychosocial oncology and more generally, ethical issues in evidence-based practice, psychological and psychosocial research methods and issues in the philosophy of science and health psychology.

Prof. Mark McDermott’s research interests include individual differences in rebelliousness, mortality awareness and public understanding of depression.

Dr. James Walsh is doing work on mindfulness as a way of helping health outcomes but in particular its conceptualization, measurement, mindfulness-based interventions, underlying cognitive processes, and its degree of association with other variables (its ‘nomological’ validity). He is also interested in the subject of Implementation Intentions and how they might be used to improve people’s health and well-being.

Dr. Martin Willis projects exploring decision-making in mental health care and occupational health.